Leaking issues w/ Aspire Plato?

I recently purchased the Aspire Plato, hoping to find a vape that I can easily bring with me since it is small and portable. I filled it, vaped on it, left it on my desk, and when i woke up more than half of the whole tank of ejuice was all over my desk. It leaks directly out of the air intake on the bottom of the device. I replaced the coil which did not fix my issue. It leaked right from the first fill. I'm very disappointed and won't be purchasing from Aspire any longer.
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  • That happened to me this morning. No fix yet. I just bought the Plato 3 days ago. Not looking promising at all
  • Not sure if I did something 'wrong' but I found that I had no leaks using the Nautilus coil, but did have leaks utilizing the subohm coil. One thing I did not do when filling with the subohm was to have the bottom air vent closed. I see that the best way to fill is to have the battery removed, lay on display side, open up BOTH fill/drain holes, ensure bottom vent closed, and then fill up. Removing the battery prevents accidental firing. Again, no issues with the Nautilus coil, I'll probably try the subohm again at some point and see if I've any better success there.
  • I have one Plato that leaks and another one that doesn't. The one that leaks I have tried the 1.8 coil and the subohm unit and they both leak. I have used the same juices in both and even a high vg. Still leaks. I've tightened the coils even more and still leaks.
    I'm trying a suggestion from another person: remove the mouthpiece, open the top vent hole, blow gently up from the air holes to clear any juice that may be in the center column. So far so good. YMMV
    I have had zero problems with my 4 Triton Mini attys although I did have the main body of 1 Pegasus and 1 Pegasus Mini (the piece that holds the battery and makes the connection just broke off) stop working completely. The Nautilus and Nautilus Mini all work super great but that unscrewing the whole thing to refill is not as convenient as the top fill of the Tritons.
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