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I need help. I absolutely love my new tank but it leaks profusely. I use the .2 coils at 60 watts. My mod is constantly covered in juice.
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    Disassemble and check your seals for dirt / debris.
    Check the glass for nicks and cracks. Replace if required.
    Make sure the coil is fully seated in the base hardware.
    Lubricate both top and bottom seals with a little of your e-juice.
    Push the glass onto the bottom hardware, then put on the top hardware to ensure the glass is square to the base hardware.
    Remove the top hardware to fill.
    Replace the top hardware.

    Note: Never over-tighten the top hardware, as this may cause the glass to crack. 1/4 turn after it contacts the seal is fine.
  • I got a second Cleito assuming my first, leaking unit was busted. The second Cleito started leaking on day 2, despite my having Googled and followed best practice.

    But you can learn a lot from Google, incidentally. To learn if any particular pharmaceutical is problematic, out in the wild, the FDA looks at the relative frequency in Google result counts of complaints of side effects.

    It turns out the Web is chock full of soaking wet Cleito users complaining of stained shirts. In other words, the Cleito is a defective product.

    If there's a process for avoiding the leaks, Aspire has a corporate responsibility to publish the instructions and link to them from the Cleito product page.

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  • @ShishkaBerry

    I always crank my coils all the way tight otherwise mine leak. I do not know where you get your information, :-O but I have always been told to make sure the coil is in tight. I never have any leaks. :-B
  • I recently got a cleito as well. The first coil in it NEVER leaked and it lasted for a month ( I am disabled and chain smoke the silly thing.) I never closed the air slots when I refilled it and it never leak. I was told by my the shop when I got it that I needed to thin my juice. I was using 90/10 and had no problems with the first I did ot thin the juice down. I use a 50W istick so I only use the .4 on it. Now a month later I have finally needed to change my coil. I changed it using an Authentic coil and it leaks horrible. I drained it yesterday and closed my air slots and refilled it and soaked all the access juice out of the coil and smoked it all evening. I got up this morning and oil was running down the sides of my battery. It is leaking horribly. The coil is in real tight in there so it is not that. Why do these leak? What is causing it to leak now and it didn't before? I read online that many are having problems with them leaking. I called the shop a few minutes ago and the guy said that he had the same problem when he finally had to change out his coil from the prepackaged one. so he just went back to his kanger cause he couldn't get his to stop leaking. Help me out here guys I dont have money to keep throwing away into new tanks! and I cant afford to be waking up and finding all my juice from the tank leaked out! HELP!!!
  • @Jeffo

    I have never had a leak with my 2 Cleito tanks. None. Unless you have bought a fake tank (didja check the authentication scratch off?) where did you get it? It's your responsibility to make sure that you are buying a genuine product (no matter what the retailer says) and to check for authenticity. Don't be so quick to make a global all encompassing claim about a product when these leaking tanks on the web could be fakes. Just saying. If that were the case in actuality, this forum would be "Flooded" (pardon the pun) with leaking Cleito complaints. It's not. :-B
  • If you over tighten the coil it will leak because the oring is being compressed too much, turn it in just enough to keep it from coming off with the top.
  • A damaged o-ring ?

    You should perhaps try the RTA.
  • Shank said:

    I need help. I absolutely love my new tank but it leaks profusely. I use the .2 coils at 60 watts. My mod is constantly covered in juice.

    The exact same thing is happening to me!! Aspire has to rectify this situation.
  • I have the same problems as others have stated above. I had mine for a month or so with no issues, love the tank and its airflow. Woke up one day to have my battery soaked in ecig liquid. Doing a little reading, it was suggested the seal at the coil was bad and should be replaced. I took the tank to my local shop, they loaded a OEM coil into tank, and not even an hour later my tank leaked out most of my ecig juice.

    From what I can tell, the leaking is happening where the glass meets the base. Worse, when you purchase one of these tanks they do not come with a new seal kit. My local shop doesn't have any in stock either and would have to special order them. This is definitely a design flaw that should be looked into, and warrantied if applicable.
  • My Cleito has leaked since day 1, and I mean running down my battery type of leaking!!! Ridiculous!!! I've taken it apart, double and triple checked everything and cannot get it to stop!!!! Have stained all sorts with it!! My partners Cleito also leaks!!!....defective product indeed!!!
  • Mine has leaked since day 1 as well. Now the leak is bigger and bigger. I have had to blow it out twice already today. Here is what I blew out this morning. The 2nd blow out was not quite as big but damn close.
    2016-10-04 10.17.21.jpg
    3006 x 5344 - 3M
  • I would have preferred a picture of your scratch code on the Cleito box ...
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