Plato is humming

I have 4 Plato's and one of them is humming when the display is on?
Not in the stealth mode only when the display is on
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  • Hmmmmmmm :-?

    Haven't heard this one before.....@Tina?
    Mine makes a high pitched whine, but I can only hear it when I hold it up to my ear.
  • I think yours may need to be replaced. I hear NOTHING in mine when display is on and I'm not firing the coil.
  • Same issue. Thought it was an issue with the battery, but switching didn't help. There's a hum, when the screen is on, and I've also noticed a low beep, if you fire it while it's humming. Sounds like the board is being stressed.
  • Mine ticks and hums only when the display is on. It is very faint and can only be heard if held up to my ear. I also thought something is being stressed and of course paranoia kicks in. How do we get a replacement?
  • Maybe its a new feature. Built in fm radio just needs tuning in. Mine is silent, I want fm too ☺
  • Many of these chipsets make a faint whining sound, but it is nothing to worry about. Just turn off the display if you find it bothersome.
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