Pegasus MOD issue

I'm getting a constant battery icon showing on my display. And seems like the mod isn't charging the battery. It is still functional and powers up my tank just fine. I tried taking the battery out for extended period as well as taking out tank and leaving everything apart for a while. I tried different chargers, different batteries.
When I turn the dial I will see the wattage change but the battery icon still covers half the screen. When I try to change the settings of the coil I can see the information displayed for a split second before the battery icon pops over. Like it's all still there but just have this battery icon covering everything.

It's only 3 months old and I've been taking good care of it, watching not to drop it. Not sure what is going on. Is there a way to hard reset it? Is the mod trying to tell me something.

640 x 480 - 80K
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  • @tomeroocoo ,i am sorry to hear that.
    This is our first time to meet this kind of problem.
    Please send this pictures and the detailed information to our
    she will check with our engineer and try to figure out the problem
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