Triton 2 tank, struggling to find the sweet spot with 0.5ohm Clapton coils

Hi all, a little help please, i have just upgraded from a Atlantis v1 (0.3ohm coils) which ran great at 3.7v to the Triton 2 tank (0.5ohm Clapton coils) on top of the MVPv3Pro (60watt/9v) and am struggling to find the best variable voltage setting.

Lots of people seem to be loving the 0.5ohm Clapton, but i don't seem to get enough vapor compared to the Atlantis, what voltage (or watts) are you guys running (or should i just change to the 0.3ohm coils)?
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  • update, i have found that for Element Frost 4.6v is fairly good, and Fogg Life Ruffneck/Gang banger 4.9v, still curious what voltage others are using with the 0.5 ohm clapton coil
  • third update, i have given up with the 0.5ohm coil, from reading i can see that i am applying way too many watts for the coil, and if i turn it down to the recommended sub 30watts then i do not get massive vapor. I have stuck in my last 0.3ohm atlantis coil, and suddenly massive vapor and i can turn it up to 60watts (the mvp 3pro max), interestingly the holes do not line up but that doesnt appear to matter, much happier.

    peace out
  • The 0.5Ω Clapton coil is rated 40-45W. P=E*I = (E*E)/R = I*I*R so you need about 9 - 9.5V and a little over 4A.

    I happily ran it at 38W - 42W. I didn't answer earlier as I stopped using voltage control almost a year ago.
  • @notafish I run the Triton 2, 0.5 ohm Clapton coils at 45w and they have been great. I tend to use the reauleaux mods most these days and I get lots of vapour from the Triton 2 at that setting. When I use the Pegasus mod at 45w I seem to get less vapour than when on either the DNA200 or the RX200 versions of the reauleaux.

    I've just dug out my MVP3 pro and tried on there at 45w and I'm getting loads of vapour - have you tried swapping the MVP 3 Pro into wattage mode instead of voltage?

    You can swap the mode from V to W by pressing and holding the fire button with the + button - this takes about 3 seconds. You can swap back to voltage mode by holding fire and the - button.

    I'm the same as @Old_Salt with regard to not using voltage mode - I mainly use sub ohm devices in wattage (or temperature control) mode now.
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