aspire quest heating up


I bought an aspire quest kit about three weeks/a month ago, and last week I changed to the nickel coil that comes with the kit, along with one of the new 'taken three' e-liquids. Now the whole thing heats up so much that the thing is basically un-smokable most of the time. I usually smoke at about 20watts. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening? Also, today e-liquid started pouring out of the ventilation holes. I cleaned it up but couldn't find out why it had happened.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

Many thanks
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  • just to add: I'm guessing my coil is kaput, it also gurgles when I take a drag. Heats up after about three drags.

    If the coil is over, does anyone have a suggestion for the best type of coil I should use? I generally use mystique asteria, and will probably swap between this and taken three kibitzer from now on.

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