Fake K1 fron an Amazon reseller

Hi I brought 2 K1's from an Amazon reseller they took three weeks to come. Paid £5.50 around $8 USD. When the arrived they had Chinese writing all over the box the instructions and the guarantee card. I checked the validation code on both the US and Chinese sites and both came up as fakes/ copycats. The reseller had listed the K1 as " Original Genuine" I have informed Amazon and they have said that they were going to put forward a strong case to have the reseller removed from Amazon. The reseller has emailed me offering his sincere apologies and asked for a picture which I haven't provided. My reasons for posting this is to say just because it looks like an original product from Aspire product doesn't mean that it is and I would strongly recommend that you check the aspire security code as soon as you can. Thanks together we can beat the cheats.
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