(New product release)Cleito RTA is coming

This easy-to-build Cleito RTA has a dual coil velocity-style deck. It has tempestuous airflow and creates intense vapor cloud production. The Cleito RTA will lift your favorite E-juice's flavor to the next level.
click this link to know more detailed information:

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  • Now that it has a separate chamber and chimney you could easily offer a kit to increase the juice capacity. All you need is a taller glass and chimney.
  • @angel1579 I will pass your suggestion to our products development department
  • @Tina Thank you for these precisions, Tina.
    Any idea about the price yet ?
  • Now that it has a separate chamber and chimney you could easily offer a kit to increase the juice capacity. All you need is a taller glass and chimney.

    ^This please :)
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    Hello Friends,
    You also think so?
    image ;;)
    603 x 610 - 58K
    604 x 605 - 34K
    611 x 595 - 65K
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    @Tina I sort of agree.

    An announcement with product details, including an estimated price is good, but pre-orders should not be accepted at this point. The item should be listed on the main website, but not in the on-line store. This is also a good time to ship pre-production units to a few, carefully chosen testers. The testers would need to agree to a Non-disclosure agreement before the product is shipped to them.

    One week before production is scheduled to start, list the item in your on-line store, accept pre-orders. and give firm pricing

    The day after the product goes into production, make another announcement stating that the item is in production. This gives Aspire a chance to resolve any problems that show up during production.

    When production has caught up to pre-orders, change the status in the on-line store to Shipping Now!

    What has happened with the Plato need never happen again if pre-orders are not accepted until the materials for the product have all arrived at the factory.

  • @Tina
    Just a few questions so that I can start building some coils for the Cleito RTA...

    1. What's the inner diameter of the barrel?
    2. What's the horizontal spacing of post holes for the coils?
    3. What's the vertical spacing of the post holes for the coils?
    4. What's the size of the post holes?

    Are the RTAs shipped being out yet?
  • @Tingnation It has been released. It will hit my local shops within the next ten days.
  • So I picked up the cleito RTA today.

    I will have to say that this is prolly the best RBA/RTA I have ever used. Wicking waa painless and was able to vape right away with no issues. Ran it around 55 watts and getting good flavor. No dry hits or leaking at all. It does drink juice really quick! I will say this aspire:you did a amazing job with this!
  • The Cleito RTA looks amazing!! I cannot wait to purchase it. The triton RTA wss decent, but it has nothing on this one. I'll also need to pick up the fat boy pyrex.
  • @MajikZac you use the RTA on the orignal cleito tank ,the capacity is 2ml.
    If you buy the fat boy replacement tank for the cleito,the capacity will reach to 3.5ml
  • @Tina I'm pretty excited for it :D do you know when it is going on the market?
  • @MajikZac thank you for your kind support.Maybe next week :D
  • I like the two set screws per post, and that they are Allen screws. That should make coil installation much easier.

    I also like that Aspire is including extra O-rings and grub screws with this kit.

    I'm looking forward to giving it a vape.

    I'm concerned that the local B&M shops will not carry them because they have quite a few of the Triton RTA kits left that no one wants to buy.
  • @Tina
    This RTA looks great! I am really glad that your team took their time to develop it!
  • loving how it looks so far.... well done aspire............
  • I am excited that this has finally released. However I am personally not a fan of dual coil. Will a single coil version ever come out. I would have preferred an RTA that resembles the stock coil with single vertical coil. At least you guys have come through on an old promise.
  • @Darth-Vaper You should be able to use a single coil and block off the liquid holes for the second by packing them with cotton.
  • It loos like Aspire took a lot of our suggestions into consideration for this. A little disappointed that it lowers the juice level so much though. I might give it a try
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    That RTA is certainly worth a try :D
    @Tina What is the resistance of the pre-installed coils ?
  • Vapor trail has some of the most uninformative reviews ever. He doesn't go into ohms, specs, or any detail. Its always the same thing "WOW this is great", but no depth whatsoever.
  • @Old_Salt Yes,it able to use a single coil and block off the liquid holes for the second by packing them with cotton.For the vertical coil,you can try to buil vertical coil,but it is very difficult.
  • @Cegoca the resistance of the pre-installed coil may sit around 0.35-0.45ohm,suggested wattage:40-50W
  • @Cegoca The price will come out several hours later
  • its no biggie, but I think you guys should have included the fat boy tube in the package even if it meant hoping the price by $2.
  • doing a dual coil in this tank is not a good idea. you should of done a single coil velocity. using the stock coils drink alot of juice already, and this thing just reminds me of the nightmare called the griffin. i am glad that you guys delivered on this, but not what i was expecting.
  • @joevapes The amount of liquid used will be dependent upon the the power applied.

    Using smaller wire for your builds deceases your power requirements to get up to vaping temperature.

    I'll wait until I have tried one before rendering judgement.
  • @louiesquared but there is already the Fatboy tank.
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