Aspire cleito tank issue

Having issues with glass popping off bottom seal when refilling causing liquid to escape unless held in place this is second tank as thought first was faulty and was exchanged by shop
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  • @growler333
    Is it authentic? Did you check the scratch off code? I have two Cleito tanks and both seat well and I never have to hold them in place like you mentioned.
  • Yes gen product. It's happened on both tanks after tanker glass of bottom seal will not stay seated on seal just pops off seal unless held down from top so frustrating as love the tank
  • Do you happen to have the 5ml "fatboy" replacement glass? I bought one today and it won't even stay seated at all, definitely not long enough to fill the tank.
  • No standard glass it still does it.
    Stays on after few days of messing holding down on refill. Use as back up tank now won't be buying aspire again.
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