Triton 1 complete disassembly

Hey Users and Triton-Fans,

after months of searching several forums and blog I found no answer to this.
My Triton Glass broke, I have now a hollowed out tank, but that sucks. I can not clearly see, how much Liquid is still in the tank while vaping some puffs.

I decided then to try to disassemble the broken triton, but I have no Clue, what parts to hold in place and then, where to screw other parts, so get it completely disassembled. Has anyone experiences with that? The broken glass is fully out of my broken triton. I'd like to transplant the glass of my hollowed out tank, or flex out the hollowed metal swirls from the hollowed out tank.
would removing the metal-pattern from the hollowed out tank keep all functions at the hollowed out tank, otherwise?

Best regards so far, Marcel Schulz
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