Safe for Authentic Products or...?

I see very nice price on in USA. They have everything I need. Nautilus Mini, Triton Mini Clapton Coil, Nautilus Mini 1.8 coils, SS Tank for Mini.
Is it safe to buy from them or you Community recommend strictly some Official partners from Aspire Partner list. Prices there are little higher.
Because I live in Europe my friend could buy for me what I need and to send me. I will pay higher price but I must avoid damn clones.
Later I could order every 6 months few package of coils and replacement parts if need.
Net is full of people who leave negative comments about all kind of tanks, mods, coils, parts and they use Clones 1:1 or fake coils and give self right to curse manufacturers.
Only little different metal alloy could give different taste, to react under temperature different and customers will never knew what is problem, flaw of atomizer or in most cases because clones. The worse is kind of people who aware of clones order because cheaper price together with fake coils and than spread negative experience about that type of atomizer and recommend others. I'm mouth to lungs vaper with 1.5-1.8 coils, and I have luck to meet with original Aspire Nautilus Mini on few hours and that's best experience I ever had.
After that vaping e-juice with other atomizers for me is wasting good e-juice. Because of that I search so badly strictly for authentic products.
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