CF Maxx not firing

so i need a little bit for guidance here, recently the CF Maxx battery i've been using stopped working the tank ive been using it with is the aspire atlantis 2 rather than the mega(i dropped the tank and am awaiting a replacement glass to come in the mail) i thought it was the pin that was the problem(i had the same problem with the mega but the pin cause it not to fire) so i trouble shoot it by removing the pin taking out my .5 ohm coil, replacing the coil with a new .5 ohm and then tightening it down, afterwhich i inserted the pin back in and put the tank onto the battery and attempted to fire it, it fired once and the next hit i took it did not fire, i checked the lights on the battery just the blue light, as if it were good so i threw the tank on it fired once, then it didnt fire, took it to the vape shop was told it wasnt fully charged(although it had been charging the entire night) put it on the charger and the blue light flashed then went away, however the red/green light on the cord seems to remain red, is there anything i can do to fix this, or am i just an idiot?
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