FAKES Sold by TheTopToyz.com

Bought an Aspire Triton 2 Tank off Ebay. (Seller: TheTopToyz.com)
Right from opening the package you can see from the get go that it was FAKE!
Even the wick fell apart right in my hands.
I went to check the security code and 780 HITS!!! WTF!
I really hate it when people try and steal and scam ppl like me (Disabled and has very limited funds) and everyone elses money.

Just a tip people.

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  • Contact e-Bay. They should issue a refund.
  • Already done and refund issued.
  • I hate as well how many people sell counterfeits as original tanks.
    Manufacturers should find more efficient method to protect tanks.
    Because customers no way to recognize difference between Clone 1:1 and original and Clones always make some small problems and experience is not same. Even if price will increase for 5-7$ per tank they should find better method to protect package. Example fabric sealed package with plastic foil over box with some kind of protective hologram harder to forge and inside serial number. I wait answer from Aspire to explain me Did they made long time ago Nautilus Mini with yellow label/hologram on back side. Because only store in Serbia who sell mostly Aspire products say It's original and I'm suspicious. Or they had old supplies or they sell counterfeits as original and cheat people. They sell and Aspire Atlantis, batteries, Nautilus, Nautilus Mini, K1, etc... and I would buy only if product is authentic.
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