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Hi, In Serbia one seller sell Aspire products and they say products are original. But old supplies, from 2014.
Is it possible to Aspire made this kind of label before some time, or all boxes with this kind of yellow stickers are fake.
I have information that Aspire never made Aspire Nautilus Mini with yellow label, hologram.
I must say that code pass as original, never checked and atomizers sit in in grey case.
That's only store in Serbia who sell Aspire Nautilus Mini and they claim Aspire Nautilus Mini is from manufacturer.
Thanks for answer.

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  • W11W11
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    I still wait answer is it possible to original from first supplies is packed in box with yellow label and is it safe to buy Aspire products from New Great Vision, Belgrade, Serbia.


  • @Tina do you have an answer for this question?
  • For me is very important to know this answer. I could call friend to order from UVAPER USA Nautilus Mini, pack of Coils and pack of Clapton coils for Triton Mini but that will cost much more because shipping and everything. I can't even see prices on UVAPER. But this store in Serbia is close to me and for coils, but only if they sell original.
    About clones I don't want even to talk.
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    @W11 None of the Aspire gear I bought in early 2015 has a seal that matches what you have. Aspire has changed the seal in the past. As the Security Code checks out, I think your Nautilus is authentic. I don't work for Aspire, so that's just a best guess.
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    Yes but these supplies are from 2014. I see that because all products e-cigarettes, e-juice, batteries need to have label where customers can see year of import, country of origin, who import, their address and phone number. That's law in our country.
    No one can't sell products without that label.
    And I see year of import 2014. Serial code pass 100% original, never checked, I'm sure in that. Box inside is grey. That company is not small but you can't be sure if they want to earn more maybe they make deal with some non .. They have objects in more than 10 towns in Serbia and they only have some aspire products, sub ohm batteries, cf batteries, box mox, Atlantis, Nautilus are sold, Nautilus Mini they still have, now should arrive and BVC Coils. All people who bought from them coils are original.
    But if they sold you this... no way someone to recognize...


    I'm curious did someone had problem with some original tank because jiggle little in box mod.
    When you shake mod or move hand you feel like tank is not completely tight in connector.
    I have other atomizers as Ego One and they are tight. Maybe because Nautilus Mini is fake and thread is not so precise.
    But maybe someone had similar experience and with authentic tanks.
    I would like if these company sell authentic product. In mean time I send message to friend in USA to check how much will cost sending if he buy from Aspire Hookah, aspirehookah.com. I think they are official authorized seller for California or VaporBeast.
    I tried different non sub ohm tanks Kanger Protanks, and rebuild coil for Ego One,... but that's not what I need, experience is poor compare to Nautilus Mini... I only meet with original Mini on half day, it was not mine and that's best vaping experience I had.

  • @W11 this seller bought 30 nautilus mini from wholesale store on August,2015,then never bought nautilus mini tank again.
    For the yellow logo,we have removed it from last year
  • Thank you Tina, I'm glad that New Great Vision in Belgrade Serbia is good company and sell original authentic products.
    At the moment they have no more Nautilus Mini and BVC Coil should arrive for few days. Immediately when arrive I will bought. Thanks god. Aspire is my favorite company.
  • @W11 thank you for your kind support
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