Triton 2 Flooding and Leaking

Completely frustrated with my first purchase from Aspire, the Triton 2. I use it with an Eleaf iStick 30W mod.

With both supplied coils (1.8 Kanthal and 0.5 Clapton) it floods and gurgles and there is leakage through the air holes at the bottom. I have to use it like a dripper, opening the juice inlets for moment to let some juice in and then closing it again. Or I have to use very thick high VG juice. I tried both methods of filling:

1. Switch to fill position
2. Open fill top
3. Fill juice about 2/3rds
4. Switch to vape postion
5. Close fill top

and the other is with steps 4 and 5 in the reverse order. Nothing works. I have looked online and asked other friends and many people have the same problem. Some say you have to cut and make your own extra O rings. That's ridiculous! Shouldn't the thing just work?

Please somebody help or else I have to throw it away and never touch Aspire again.

I waste more juice than I vape now.
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  • Using any cotton wicked coil in the Triton/Triton 2 requires proper priming and leaving 1/8" air space in the tank. If you don't, you'll force the liquid through the cotton wick expanding it, and causing it to leak. Once the coil starts to leak, it needs to be replaced.
  • It also helps to get the pressure right in the tank by vaping it fairly quickly after filling. You need to be careful not to burn it, so "prime" the coil when you assemble it by putting a couple of drops of liquid on each juice hole when you first assemble it so you don't burn it (your trick of using it like a dripper should work too).

    Then when you open the juice control again to vape mode, quickly take some dry pulls and then vape a few hits off it to get the pressure right.

    I had trouble with the Triton 1 at first, but it hasn't caught me out on the Triton 2 as the process for me has been the same.

    Let us know how you get on - good luck :)
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