What Juice do you use for Aspire K3?

I am wondering what juice you guys use for your Aspire K3... I am currently using 70VG/30PG juice and I am not tasting any flavors... I am not sure if its the K3 or the juice that I should change... Thanks.
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  • Are you getting vapor from your K3? If you are, try another bottle of liquid. If you aren't getting any vapor, or a different bottle of liquid doesn't give you any taste, try changing your coil. If that still doesn't work you'll need to exchange your K3.

    Consider another MOD that allows you to change the voltage, or power supplied to your tank. The Odyssey mini is a good choice that will let you explore many aspects of vaping. The market is flooded with low cost VW/TC MODs, any of which will get you going.
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