Aspire Pegasus won't fire above 30W

Hi everyone, newbie here... My aspire pegasus mod won't fire above 30W when it's been firing over 30W for the past month that i've been using it... When i fire the regular wattage of 45W that i use it fire for a couple of seconds then shuts off and turns back on... I'm using the triton 2 tank with .5 ohm coil... my battery is an LGDBHG21865... please help!!! :((
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  • also an update: i switched the atomizer for a 1.8 ohm and now it wouldn't fire at all... after i press the fire button it just shows the aspire logo...
  • Try removing the battery to force a reset. Charge the battery externally if you can,
  • @Old_Salt tried it with a couple of different batteries and still wouldn't work...
  • If the battery is reading full, and the MOD is reading the resistance properly. all you can do is send it in to a service depot for repair/replacement. The contact information for the regional service depots can be found above. Fire off an e-mail for instructions before sending your MOD.
  • @Old_Salt will do... thanks... i'm currently outside US though... and i'm not sure if i'll be getting the replacement on time due to transferring command late april...
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