Cleito 316L temperature control coil

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  • I wish they were able to support higher Wattage. Certain devices would be iffy with that Wattage range as SS TC in itself is already iffy. I might get some to try out SS TC again since I have a DNA200 device.
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    @Cegoca I treated myself with a Wismec Rouleaux DNA200 today. I can't use it yet. It'll take a day or two to fully calibrate and configure it.

    I had hoped Aspire would have come out with something that had the DNA's capabilities, but with a better firmware menu, and configuration software. Oh well, if Aspire does, shinyitis will kick in :))
  • @Darth-Vaper this coil is also claptonized
  • Nice reactivity from Aspire here !
    Now a 100 Watts double batery cell Aspire mod that can handle those coils in TC mode too and I will be the most happy Aspire fan in the world
  • @Cegoca I will pass your suggestion to our products development department.
  • Will I be able to use these coils on my pegasus mini?
  • MajikZac said:

    Will I be able to use these coils on my pegasus mini?

    The Pegasus mini does not have TC for SS and not enough power for the Wattage mode, as those coils need 55 to 65 Watts for optimal functioning.
    With the Pegasus mini, I use the normal Clapton coil around 40W.

  • I got to play around with temp control for about 2 months and I have to say SS is the most iffy, but when you find the right TCR with your mod it is by far the best flavor from tc, I honestly thought I'd like TI the most but it just didn't have the purity of flavor I was able to get off of 316SS. Again though, I am a happy happy boy, seriously super excited about trying out these new coils ASAP!
  • @Tina Will these have organic cotton wicks?

  • @Old_Salt Yes,these have organic cotton wick.
  • @Old_Salt I love mine
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  • @midnightwolf and @Old_Salt
    Thank you for the information.
  • @Darth-Vaper You'll need to wait until Thursday for an authoritative answer, as Aspire is shut down for "Tomb Sweeping Day." I suspect they are a single strand of SS 316l wire.

    I agree with your self-assessment.
  • @Tina will there be any Clapton SS coils for the Triton/Triton 2?
    I'd be interested to try those out :)

    @midnightwolf I hadn't heard about the legal action, but the RX200 is pretty basic compared to the DNA chip. I have both the DNA and the RX200 reuleaux devices. The RX is a great mod for the money, but its not even close to the DNA for function and theres nothing to match software for the DNA chip and the visibility of what the chip is doing.
    With regard to SS316L coils in temp control, I could get it to work on the DNA 200 with the Triton 0.3 ohm SS coils but the vape was quite weak. Vaping the Triton SS coils in power mode is just so good I didn't think it was worth the anemic vape I was getting in TC mode.
    SS has a very flat temp curve so the reported temperature "bounces" around a lot - I'd hope the extra material in a Clapton coil might stabilise the temperature a bit but I'd be interested in your results :)
  • @Viruk I will pass your suggestion for Clapton SS coils to our products development department.
    Thank you for your kind suggestion.
  • @Viruk I was able to get the Triton 316L 0.3 Ohm coils to work under TC on my X Cube 2 but with only being able to set the temp and not the wattage, it did not work as well as I had hoped. This is why I am wanting to try it on the DNA 200. It might have to wait though as I am about to get my Reuleaux hydrodipped.
  • @midnightwolf thanks for the update. I tried it with the TCR curve from and the vape just seemed to be lacking. I have read that people have had more luck with SS316L using a constant value of 0.001 instead of the curve (apparently the 0.00092 was too many decimal places - certainly in one of the earlier firmware versions); I haven't tried that yet but I do like the SS coils in wattage mode - they last long enough, give good flavour and don't cause any problems :)

  • Just ordered these from 3fvape on Friday and they shipped out the next day. They also have them for much less then the aspire store. I think I got 2 packs for the price of 1 here.
  • Got these last night. Wow a great coil. I thought flavor on this tank was amazing before, but its even better now. the SS coils provide a very smooth full flavor vape. I have it running on a cuboid at 460F at 55w and they are great.
  • @Darth-Vaper thank you for your kind feedback. :)
  • @Tina would I be able to use this on my Aspire Pegasus it's not the mini it has tc control it goes to 70w and ranges from 450°f to 530°f really wanting to try the ss coils.
  • @Christianrichmond our pegasus mods don't support SS TC coil,if users want to use this coil under TC mode,he/she must has a mod support SS TC coil
  • Can these be used with the Tesla Stealth? It's doesn't have temp control options but it has temp control chip. I'm fairly new to vaping and just wanna get the most power I can out of their 100W mod. I found that the cleito is perfect for it but don't really know which coil is going to give me the best clouds and flavor. Maybe the RTA deck kit?
  • @robert_humiston cleito 316L coil can be used under wattage mode and TC mode.
    If users use it under TC mode,please make sure the mod supports 316L temperature control.
  • Hello, are these coils compatible with a tesla nano 60w tc or should I just stick to the regular 0.4?
  • @Fify If it has a profile for 316L Stainless Steel or you can use a custom Temperature Coefficient, then you can can use it with TC mode. Stainless Steel is harder to work with TC but when you get it to work, it works very well. If you have any doubts about it, just run it in Wattage mode
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    @midnightwolf Nothing to love... or hate yet. I've had it for 24 hrs. After a fail due to the coil being too close to the RDA deck (board overheated) I rebuilt the coil (24 ga Kanthal 0.9Ω) with 2.5cm standoff from the RDA posts and successfully generated the battery discharge curve for three Samsung INR 18650-25r's. The image shows my setup for this. I just finished the case thermal analysis. Now I'm waiting for it to fully recharge. I'll check the MOD resistance and load the TC curves tonight so I'll be good to go tomorrow.

    BTW, for those intimidated by the time I'm taking to put this MOD into service, you can insert your batteries and use it right out of the box. This configuration and calibration is used to get the best possible performance from the MOD.
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  • @midnightwolf and @Old_Salt
    Silly question but ... Would a 30mm ato like the Atlantis Mega be "flush" on it ?
    I've heard this box has two different versions depending on the chipset, you guys know more about that ?
  • @Cegoca There are 2 different versions of it. The cheaper version, the RX200, you find from $40 to $100 is a Joytech chip. They come in all different colors from a white on white, teal on white, red on black and solid black. It has a battery configuration of 2 parallel and 1 series in the 18650. Which means 2 cells are in parallel with a single cell. The more expensive DNA200 version uses the Evolv DNA200 chip and has all 3 18650s in series. It only comes in grey with black(charcoal).

    It would still hang over some but not by much. The included image is not mine but shows what a BFT looks like on the RX200. It is a 30mm RTA
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