Plato high pitched sound?

I just got my Plato yesterday, which I absolutely love so far, however I have noticed something that seems a little strange and was wondering if it's just me. While firing my Plato the device makes a super high pitched sound, like a very electronic squeal. When I say it's high pitch I mean barely perceptible, something that most adults likely wont even be able to hear at all.

It's not a deal breaker or anything, just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue. Otherwise I absolutely love this little guy. Great replacement for my NEBOX.
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  • You must attract dogs while vaping ... :D

    But, no ... no sound of that kind with my Plato, just the usual little "vape rattle".
  • HAHAHA, I thought the same thing but I have 2 dogs and so far no response. I have crazy sensitive ears though. I can hear most cheap LCD TVs when they are in standby mode.
  • Does anyone else nearby hear the sound your Plato makes while you vape ?
  • Mine makes no sound at all......
  • Switch it on ! :))
  • everyone's a commedian
  • Honestly, I have heard of this sound coming from some mods. Based on this, I would test it to see if it is the tank or the mod. Evidently some chipsets make a soft, high-pitched whine.
  • It makes me wonder of it is using Pulse Width Modulation for the chip to do the dc to dc conversion. You typically get it in PWM based chips.
  • Mine does the same, I was worried at first, but it only makes the sound when the screen is on and continues to whilst i'm not drawing as long as the screen is on.
  • Mine does it too and it's incredibly annoying, deal breaker for sure. Can anyone from aspire comment on this? Whenever the mod is firing, it emmits a high pitched squeal! If this can't be fixed in sending it back.
  • I just noticed the sound gets louder and higher pitched the higher the wattage, at 20w it's annoying, at 50w the high pitched noise in unbearable :( I'm wondering if this happens with every unit? How could this get passed quality control?
  • @bennyhaana because there is a voltage booster inside the box,we can hear the voice while the components on the board working.
    We have passed your question to our engineer.
    We have updated the firmware V04 today,the new firmware will decrease the voice a little.
    You can update your plato with this new firmware,if any more problem,please feel free to contact our service, tell she the detailed information,she will check with our engieer and figure out your problem
    here is the
  • I'm having the same issue. Can you please provide a video tutorial or step by step instructions for updating firmware V04? I've been unsuccessful in my attempts.
  • Never mind. Finally got it. Hopefully this helps with the annoying whistling sound.
  • Firmware update didn't help at all. I'm on the verge of returning this product. It's almost embarrassing how loud the whistle is. Many people have noticed and asked about it... Aspire, is there a plan to fix this? Are all Plato's like this? Or did a get a faulty one?
  • the firmware update does nothing for the sound, Tina, can you please instruct me how to get a replacement or refund? thanks
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    @bennyhaana because there is a voltage booster inside the box,we can hear low voice while the components on the board is normal.If there is loud voice come out from the battery,please take a short video to show the voice,how big it is?
    to our service:
    I am sorry for the inconvenience
  • I just picked one up today and I'm experiencing the same problem. Light static with screen on, and a loud whining noise when firing the coil. It sounds like I'm taking a hearing test every time the coil is fired.

    I'm going to go return/exchange it now, hopefully bringing home a unit that doesn't make the noise.
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    yep I'm having the same problem and can get away with using it for about 30min with a full battery but it has to be under 30 watts. Same no matter what battery I use. Flashed with V05 firmware but no improvement. Did a short youtube vid showing the problem. This was with a fully charged stock battery and the error saying too hot is also not the case as it wasn't even warm to the touch. Notice the instant battery sag.

  • @Davie

    WOW! That is loud! @Tina you should look at this video!
  • @Davie I would immediately stop playing with it and return it where you bought it from ... just bad luck ...
  • Hey! Just saw your post because I was looking up WHY my day old Plato was making a high pitched buzzing sound!! Anyway I figured it out for those who are wondering.... It's not the tank or the set up at all... It's dun...dun...dun.... The lcd display!!!!
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