Cleito Subohm tank Pyrex sides.

If you experience a bizarre sudden intense leaking issue that you have not had before with the tank, make sure you placed the tapered end upward so the screw on cap well overlaps the glass and that the base is snug with the bottom of the glass tightly sealed. Run your finger vertically on the glass/steel base to determine if there is a noticeable potential gap between them. That gap will most likely keep from allowing dry tops of mods around tank. And the top cap won't connect right so vapor will suffer and all leak hell is bound to break loose after a few refills.
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  • Totally agree with you. Unfortumately last time I cleaned tank I put it on the wrong way round. I would add that if it is on the wrong way round,for some reason the coil doesn't last as long. I do wish Aspire would add all these notes to the instructions though.
  • I have never had an issue with leaking reguardless which way the glass is on the Cleito. I have found that after removing the glass, it must be dry on the bottom o-ring and that part of the glass. If not, the glass will tend to pop off since there is not enough pressure to hold the glass if juice is between the o-ring and the glass.
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