Selection of Triton v1 or v2 Subohm or Clapton tank

I completely drench the entire tank I'm using when the coil needs replacement so I don't care about the easy cleaning feature. I want one of the higher resistance coils (.3ohms/.4ohms) for regular power mode on my Hcigar VT 200 DNA Box Mod with newly installed actual 1300mAh 3s Lithium Polymer pack with a more powerful 30c output. Does the original version of the Triton leak more than the newer model? I own every Aspire tank {Atlantis v1 and v2, Cleito in both colors} and Aspire makes great performance and most solid built tanks. Should I save 10 bucks or get v2 for max leak prevention?
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  • I have no leakage with either the original Triton, or the V2. Do not overfill either of these tanks. Leave a 3mm (1/8") airspace when filling.

    I like the look of the original more than that of the V2. The original Triton's top AFC is nice to cool the vapour if it's too hot for you.
  • I figured it was similar to the Cleito tank. When I accidentally fill it up, what looks reasonably full sometimes causes gurgles and leaks. I like the original version also. I'm going to order it immediately before they're out of stock and production completely. I know a site that sells the Triton "Subohm tank" for $18.99 and like the fact the .3ohm regular (not BVC) Triton Kanthal coil was demonstrated to me by a relative and produced massive clouds, man, without a .2ohm thirst for eliquid like now while Vaping at 80W lol. .3ohm Kanthal is my favorite choice. I have the working uploading TCR if anybody needs it for a DNA 200 Box Mod. The Official 30c, 1300mAh 3sLipo [3-cell battery pack I screwed back into the old one's place] is like running a 200W dual Sony VTC4 18650 regulated box. 900mAh Lithium Polymer packs have only 24.5c which is like continuous amps. I don't need to worry about batteries anymore!!!!
    3984 x 2988 - 4M
    3984 x 2988 - 4M
  • There's my Cleito Subohm tank with the .4ohm clapton. I wish there was a .25 or .3 coil
    3984 x 2988 - 3M
  • @NickyGiaccone There is a 0.27 Ohm (40-55W).
  • No leaks at all. Flavor of V2 is top notch, as good as Cleito with Clapton Coil. The top fill lid is giving me a bit of grief however. You seem to have to wrench down to close it.
  • @Maureenie Try lubricating the seal with a little e-liquid.
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    I use the Triton 2, found out the hard way that the RTA only fits the Triton 1, else tank is fine
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