Smoke From Airholes on Clieto

Just got the Cleito tank 2 weeks ago. Absolutely love it. I get smoke coming from the airholes ,never seen this on other tanks. Is it normal and if not any suggestions on how to fix, it doesn't seem to cause any problems mind you.
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  • It's not a problem. You'll get some condensation in the bottom hardware. Release the firing button before you stop inhaling to draw out all the vapour if you want to prevent this.
  • It is a great tank. With the design of the air flow and the fact that the vapor does not leave the coil, there is that possibility of vapor exiting the air flow holes. The same happens on RDAs all the time. You just don't see it as much on other tanks because the vapor goes into a chimney and stays higher in the tank. A lot of condensation or liquid in the bottom of the tank on most tanks happens because of left over vapor in a tank.
  • Thanks so much for that. It doesn't really bother me too much,apart from always wiping away the condensation. The Cleito tank is fantastic,better then the Tvf4 and cheaper.
  • Thanks. It's good to know that their is nothing wrong. I should have joined forums years ago.
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