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Dear all
I have aspire V2 and i want to use TC atomizers. I found some Ni200 , and i hated them.
I found TItanium is used in some atomizers. I searched Titanium coils for aspire v2 and all vape shops told me they are not manufactured by aspire, and if i buy Titanium coils for aspire v2 they are fake
What is the official answer ?
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  • @TraceKira
    First off are you referring to the Triton V2 or the Atlantis V2 tank? At any rate, unless they have them hidden somewhere on their site, Aspire does not manufacture titanium coils at this time. Only the NI200 coils.
  • Use the SS 316L coils for TC. Settings for SS are Soft, 0.00150, SC on the Smoke X-Cube 2.

    Third party Ti coils are available but have the same problems as the Ni200 coils. Both generate poisons if overheated.
  • @TraceKira At present,we only make Ni200 temperature control coil .i will pass your suggestion to our products development department.
    Hope your requirement can come into truth in future.
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