Cleito .4 ohm coil reporting all over the place

The .4 ohm coil that came on the Cleito lasted me two weeks no problem. I only changed it because my local vape shop was surprised I got that long out of it. Bought a boxed pack of .4 ohm coils for it and the first one is all over the map for the reported ohms on my Coolfire IV Plus mod. Sometimes it will read .4, and I've seen it read as high as 1.5 ohms. Anything over .7 tastes like burnt ass (I assume). I've gotten to the point now where I push the button and check it before taking a pull. Is this normal? I don't remember my first coil doing it, but I never had a reason to check. Anything I can do besides just putting a new coil in? I am going to scratch the sticker thing tonight and check that it's a legit box of coils.
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  • @swethog
    The scratch off authentication should be the very first thing that you do whenever you buy Aspire labeled products. I have heard that some customers do it even before they leave the B&M that they buy from!
  • I finally got around to checking the code and it said it was valid. After another week of using it it bounces from .4 to .8 which tastes a little burnt but at least it's not going over 1 ohm anymore. It has started spitting a bit more and lip blisters suck, but love the tank still. I'm getting a lot of use out of each coil. I recommend it to anyone who asks what I'm using.
  • Every single and I mean, every single of my, at some point, 200W Regulated Box Mod has had approximately .03ohm fluctuations using Kanthal, Clapton, Clapton and Stainless Steel coil I've used exclusively in wattage/power mode. If the ohms reading display hits a near perfect resistance, I lock my ohms if the mod being used allows it done swiftly Dont worry at all about that or spend time fidgeting with the 510 connection. It's fine. Trust me. If it goes .1ohms astray, something is defective, like the batch or particular coil.
  • Did you solve your issue?

    When I look at the live resistance in arctic fox for my Cleito its live resistance seem to be ~1.4 when I'm not vaping and quickly fall to ~0.5 when vaping. No idea what's going on there.
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