Triton mini gurgling and spitting

I have a triton mini that came with the odyssey mini kit. I use a 50-50 12% juice in it. I get gurgling and spitting when I draw for more than about 4 seconds. I am using a clapton 1.8 ohm coil and have set it to 13.5W.
So far I have tried these:

  • Taking the tank apart,
  • Cleaning thoroughly
  • put in a new coil, made sure it is firmly secured.
  • close the air holes
  • opened the drip holes
  • filled the juice leaving 2mm gap at the top
  • resting for a while
  • priming
I have not had much luck. I have tried the above steps a few times now.
Is there a tried and tested method for stopping this from happening?
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  • The only thing I do differently is, I roll the end of a napkin or paper towel and put it through the chimney to soak up excess liquid that may have been forced through by pressure. I do this after filling and reassembling the tank, after it has sat a few minutes and the pressure is stabilized.

    I find that while it is not necessary to do this every time, it does help clean out the condensation that drips back down the chimney and helps extend the life of my coils as well.
  • @greazedlightning
    I have found that the Triton Mini is more suited for MTL vaping as opposed to DTL vaping. If you are doing DTL with this tank you may be inadvertently flooding the coil due to the restricted airflow even with the AFC wide open. Too hard of a pull doing DTL with a lower VG juice will do this.
  • I do MTL and I use the clapton 1.8ohm coil which is they say is suitable for MTL.
  • I am finding some success by doing this:
    When gurgling/spitting starts to happen....

    • I set the drip top to fill position and vape out as much as possible.
    • I then close the air holes and fill in the liquid to the top leaving a little gap.
    • I then close the drip top only to about half way towards the vape position - this opens the chimney hole by about a half thereby reducing the amount of liquid to the coil. I am guessing this will reduce the chances of flooding the clapton coil. I am still get a good vape by doing this and the gurgling/spitting has subsided.
    The user should not have to do this. This is a design issue with the coil or poor materials. I have gone from being a very happy aspire customer to someone who has started to look for an alternative product now.
  • I have never had any spitting or flooding on the Triton mini tank whatsoever. I have never had to go through the steps that you are performing in your above post. That is not to say that you aren't having a problem. I can only suggest to make sure that your coil is installed nice and tight and do not overfill the tank. Let us know if it gets better!
  • @charlzrocks which coil do you use in the Triton mini tank?
    Just to confirm, I ensure that the tank is clean and dry when I replace coil, tighten the coil as good as possible and never overfill or underfill. Its always more than 3/4th in the tank.

  • @greazedlightning
    I use the Triton Mini 1.8 ohm Clapton coil that is compatible with the Nautilus mini
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