aspire cleito Ceramic Coils

Ive got the cleito and is an amazing tank is there any word on wether you will be releasing a ceramic coil for it? ive seen alot of tanks coming out recently with these coils
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  • @kelticdruid
    Not as of this time....but if they do become available @Tina would let us know right away. I do not think that the ceramic coils are being considered as a product as of yet. Although I may be wrong and Aspire could surprise us all again!
  • Third party ceramic coils are available for the Triton 2/Atlantis tanks. I'm currently testing a Kanthal 0.9Ω Vaporesso cCell in an original Triton. This has the Kanthal element encapsulated in permeable ceramic. There is no cotton in their design. Horizon has come come out with the Dolphin and Krixus. They have added a replaceable cotton wicking material outside of the re-wickable ceramic coil. Horizon claims a six month life expectancy for their coil.

    Aspire moved to organic cotton wicking from silica due to customer demand. I'm sure they would add ceramic coils if the market were there. What I suggest is that folks asking for ceramic coils test them first in one of the tanks mentioned above. If they are impressed with the taste, vapour production, and longevity, then send the results to Aspire along with their request.

    I'm only two weeks into my test, and have no valid opinion yet...
  • I am also testing a .9 Ohm Ceramic coil from Atomvapes. It sounds very similar to the one @Old_Salt is using. Kanthal element inside ceramic wick. The flavor is very clean, but I have yet to wear out a coil. Since I don't DTL vape every day, it will be a while to complete testing on it. So far I am liking the flavor, and it seems a dry hit would not be possible in the same way as a cotton wick. They do run about $20 for four coils though.
  • I have a Vaporesso Target kit. There is cotton in the coils, a thin layer surrounding the ceramic, also my .9 kanthal burnt in3 days at 35w. This will be how to vape in a while. but not yet.
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