Extreme bad burnt smoke! Aspire Triton Tank

Ok guys, I have a big problem and have had no answer for weeks... I've bought 3 packs of coils and haven't had a good week of vaping!? I'm quite intermediate with vaping.
My setup is a snow wolf 200w admodus with aspire triton tank (1st one).
When I bought my tank from house of vapes it was fine I guess I could vape the smoke no problem, but now... Holy JESUS a brand new 0.3 coil suggested wattage 45-55 watts giving me burnt smoke after priming coils perfectly... (4-5 drops around the inside of the coil and 2 drops on each hole on the sides) I let it stand and wait 2-5 minutes to saturate the juice and then put it in the tank, close air holes take 3 primal puffs and then open air holes and let it sit for 2 minutes as said on the coil package.
Then I turn it to 10-15 wats and fire and the hit is unbareable, almost like smoking vodka.
The last time I have cleaned my tank was a week ago when it started giving me this severe problem that's caused me to go through coils like their nothing... Considering they are supposed to last 2-3 weeks and only lasting 10 minutes something up... I washed my entire tank with water and let it dry for a hour. I actually had some water in the tank like damp condensation when I took it to the shop, I just don't know what's going on guys... There's nothing wrong with my setup I'm sure..
Oh and the e-juice I'm using is decoded Area 51 75vg/25pg mango lychee papaya.
Please help me out!!! Should I buy a new tank and if so what tank shall I buy?
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  • Verify the authenticity of your coils. Genuine Aspire 0.3Ω coils won't reach a high enough temperature to vaporize your liquid at 10-15W.
  • You should also look through the air flow holes and make sure the coils holes are lined up with the holes in the mod's base, it's not as simple as screwing it in and vaping like the Atlantis or cleito, if those air flow holes are not lined up right it will be entirely unpleasant and burn your coils due to the air not cooling it down
  • I've never worried about hole alignment between the atomizer and tank (base or chimney). I've never had a problem with airflow with any of the six original Tritons I own. I've switched to the Triton mini with a 1.8Ω Clapton for my All-Day-Vape, and use the original Tritons with the 0.5Ω Clapton for the times I want more clouds. I have tried the 0.3Ω Kanthal atomizers, but have found I get better flavour, and more cloud production from the Clapton. The Cleito does have a less restrictive airflow, and produces more cloud with roughly the same flavour as the Triton (original or V2). I've only had one or two atomizers that lasted less than three tanks. They usually last 5 or more tanks even with the most viscous liquids.
  • Yeah, my coils normally last me between 3 and 4 weeks, but I am super meticulous about how they are installed and how I vape (4-5 second hits and let it sit for at least 20 seconds between hits I'm also pulling air through it right before I hit the fire button)
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