Check your Pegasus!!! It works under powered.

I have been using pegasus for a week and I felt it is somehow weaker than my pervious mod.
But I love the style and finish of it and tried to love it. Today I found out why I felt it is under powered. It actually operates at fixed lower volts!!!!!
When the battery is fully charged, the voltage goes up to high like 4.2 V but when the battery is about half, it fixed to around 3.0V. No matter I change the watt control, it operates at same level of power.. Is this my only problem or everybody has same issue? I took out the battery from the pegasus and put it in my old $20 Mod and it work normal so it is not battery problem. It is very annoying. I am returning the device.
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4160 x 2340 - 2M
4160 x 2340 - 2M
4160 x 2340 - 3M
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  • @salvador
    What you are experienceing is the "Stepdown Protection" feature of the Pegasus. You may be using a weaker battery. When your battery is at half full and you hit the fire button, if your Battery Icon on the screen is bottoming out, it is stepdown protection. Read the user manual before you return the mod. Here is a screenshot of the description:
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