"Check Atomizer issue"

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I have a problem with the box of my "Odyssey mini kit" (silver).
The fixed 510 pin down too low and it caused a short on the triton, with the message "Check Atomizer."
The kit is unserviceable

What can i do?

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    The Pegasus mini has a floating (spring-loaded) 510 connector. Your Triton mini is not shorted. It would display 'Low Resistance' if it was. 'Check Atomizer' indicates a resistance of more than 3.0Ω, probably an open circuit. The open circuit could be caused by the tank not being fully threaded onto the MOD, or a bad atomizer (coil). Your next step would be to replace the atomizer. Make sure that you turn the power down BEFORE installing the tank and firing the new coil. The Pegasus mini is powerful enough to burn out the coils if the power is set too high.
  • Hello,
    I tried with 5 different new coils from two packets, and same result: "Check Atomizer".
    I tried the Triton mini on the VTC Mini and it works perfectly...
    The problem is the 510 pin of the Pegasus Mini down too low.

  • You'll need to contact Aspire at service@aspirecig.com or a regional service depot. include high definition images of the connector.
  • Hello,

    Thanks for your answer, i contacted Aspire.
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