Aspire Plato review from Vape 2 news.

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  • They are heaping lots of praise on Aspire, That is a good thing!
  • I don't think you can call that a review as it is mainly an advert and a reprint of the Aspire product page with a few words changed?

    It does not say they have actually used it and, if so, how it performed, which I assume would be the basis of a review?

    I would like to buy one but after the fiasco with the Pegasus whereby people with the original version and all it's faults were just ignored and an "updated" version was suddenly announced I am a little wary - might be best to wait until V2 is announced!
  • @woodbar Thank you for your kind suggestion.
  • It doesn't say hands-on-review which would include testing of the performance. Hands on reviews are better in video format but reviews of details and specifications are better when reading. In my humble opinion :)
  • Eh? All I can say is when I do a Google search for any product + review I expect to see, yes details and specifications, AS WELL as what the reviewer thought of the performance - whether that is video or text does not really matter.

    Obviously you have a different interpretation of "review".
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