Aspire Plato : First impressions

I just want to give my first impressions about the new Aspire Plato device.
I've must say I've been rather impressed by the quality, design and vape possibilities it gives.

The box is, as always, worth a gift box you would offer a best friend.

Inside the box you find everything you need to start vaping right away.
The little key to remove the cartriges, the DL cartridge (BVC incl); the battery cell, the two different drip tips; two spare seals and the usb cable.
Above that, the Plato box itself.

After filling up the device, what was done easier than I thought, the vape is :
in mtl mode, similar as the Triton mini I think.
in DL mode, even a bit superior as with the Cleito, savour wise.

I still have to try the TC mode but I'm already impressed.
The device fits well in the hand, the brushed aluminium coat looks classy and no leaking what so ever.

(now, if someone could tell why my pictures won't show on this post, I would appreciate ).

boite sous celo.jpg
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boite ouverte.jpg
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mode dl.jpg
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  • @Rob_Kopple the plato is a wattage adjust able mod from 1-50W
    For the 0.4ohm subohm coil inside this kit,it rated 40-50W.
    The output wattage of this mod is enough to support the subohm coil needed
  • Hello Cegoca,
    Thank you for sharing your review with us.
    Wow ;;)
  • Wow, great review !
    Many thanks , ;)
  • Thank you ladies ! :)
  • Seems kinda odd to me that this device uses atomizer heads that are rated for a higher wattage than
    the device can put out.
  • Great first impressions......and nice photos as well! :-bd
  • Nice. I like how it is such a simple all in one vape. I swear the pictures of it looks complicated but every says it isn't. Seems like it might be a good one for work. Just can't get myself to go with anything other than my DNA200 Reuleaux and Cleito for my daily vape.
  • I love the colors and it looks so cool! The two things stopping me from buying it is the coils
    are different again and I watched a couple of reviewers struggling with filling and cleaning. I'm going to watch and wait for more reviews but I do want one.
  • I purchased my Aspire Plato on Wednesday so now three days ago. The one I originally purchased had a stripped coil so unfortunately it leaked all over the place. The vapor shop I bought the device from swapped me out for a different Plato. I am more thrilled with the shop I go to than I am the device itself. Every review I watched and read said that the device Did Not leak, but it does. I was hoping when the shop swapped it out the leaking would stop. I had filled the tank yesterday before going to work, towards the end of my day, I noticed that the device was leaking into my purse. I lost about half a tank of juice. I had tightened the coil when I got home hoping that that would help. Refilled the tank and continued using it till it needed to charge.The device lost half a tank of juice during the night (untouched), so whoever is saying it doesn't leak is either lucky or I am doing something wrong that I don't know about. Another thing that sucks, if you're using the 0.4 sub ohm coil, the amount of vape you get is fantastic, until the battery drops to about halfway charged. Then its the smallest pull and unsatisfying. This is my experience with the Plato it just 3 nights and 2 full days of ownership.
  • @Kybaby912
    Although I can't comment on the Plato leaking problem that you are having (mine hasn't leaked a drop since I got it) that is not to say that it isn't happening. Did you check the scratch off that came with the Plato so make sure it's a genuine Aspire product (there are lots of fakes out there).
    As far as your problem with the battery not firing fully, it could be the "Step Down" protection feature that you are experiencing. Did your Plato come with an Aspire battery? It should have! See the description below on the "Step Down" feature.image
    364 x 109 - 57K
    Stepdown.jpg 57.4K
  • i just got my Plato tank a few days ago
    First tank worked great
    Did a refill and it started leaking
    Contacted the vendor and was told to changed coil so i did
    Same thing tank started leaking again
  • Had the same problem with leaking and the draw when battery drops down to around 50%
  • @ronwaz here some helpful tips while using the plato kit.
    Please have a look,if still any problem,please feel free to contact our
    Tell she more detailed information,she will check with our engineer and figure out the problem.
  • All of the posts on this about leaking when the device has not been touched, the issues regarding .2 ohm coils draining the battery (slow inhales or lack of power) are true with me as well. I'm getting the same issues and I'm very disappointed. This device had so much hype, especially since I am a fan of Aspire. Now I've spent the money on a device that I can't use due to a leaking issue that is worse than any device I've seen. I've tried changing coils, tightening things, loosening things, nothing has worked.
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