Just unlucky?

Last summer I made the mistake of buying an aspire triton1 tank and an aspire esp 30w box mod. The triton1 tank then leaked, flooded and spat at me and the esp's 510 connector broke loose, spun round and disconnected the internal wiring. In the bin, 70 quid down the swanny. On a brighter note i did buy an aspire triton mini tank at the end of the year which has been fine.
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  • @clovioushoofus
    Sorry to hear your problems with the Triton V1 Tank. Although I have never had leakage problems, there were many reported. I have never heard of the ESP30's connector dislodging but there have been some control knob issues. I think that you will be happily surprised at the new Triton mini, I love mine!
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