Little to none taste! Help appreciated!

Hi there. I am currently using the Aspire nautilus with a 1.2 Ohm at 20W. I recently just bought the Bad Drip Farleys Gnarley sauce (80VG/20PG) I tried some in the shop and it tasted amazing so I decided to buy some, but when I went to use it on my set up I'm barely getting any taste.. I really don't know if I'm using the wrong coil, too little Wattage? Before I bought Gnarleys Sauce I was using Charlie's Slam Berry and I was vamping at 20W and it was completely fine. I'm new to this kind of stuff so any thoughts please let me know! Thanks in advance!
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  • Is this a higher VG ratio than you are used to? VG will give better clouds, but muted flavor.

    If you really want to bring out the flavor in your Nautilus, I suggest getting the 1.8 Ohm Clapton coils for the Triton Mini. They will also fit your Nautilus tank and are amazing! You will have to find your sweet spot, but it's generally around 12-14 Watts.

    Good Luck @Rhys_Brook
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