Aspire triton flavour problem.

Hello guys, I'm having problems with my new triton mini which I bought around a week ago, my first problem is about flavour, I don't seem to get any while using the triton mini, I mean, every puff feels tasteless, at first I changed the coil and I was able to feel a lot more flavor, but after emptying the tank and refilling it, I began to puff without flavor, I thought I was getting vapour's tongue but I am able to sense the exact same flavout on my aspire Nautilus (using a new clapton coil as well) so I really don't know what is happening, maybe someone has had the same problem and can help me.

The second one (and probably related) is that my triton mini is consuming too much liquid, I need to refill it like once every 3-4 hours and It is not leaking, or at least it doesn't seems to, because the mod is completely clean and nothing seems to be showered in liquid.
Thanks for the response and I have been a fan of this brand for quite some time now.
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  • Here too, What is the power you use ?

    Don't let the liquid go down too low.
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    So I understand you use a 1.8 Ohm coil, right ?
    At what Wattage ?
    Are you sure you are in "REG" mode ?
    How open is your airflow ?
  • I too seem to have having the same issue with the Triton 2 Mini, on the the all new all singing and dancing Odyssey Mini.
    I have used the Ni200, and the 1.8, but with the 1.8 I sometimes get a burnt hit. As if the cotton isnt wicking fast enough. I have tried a 60pg/40 VG mix and thats the same..even with a 50/50.. I am having to leave it at least 5minutes between each vape. This isnt normal surely.

    any idea's
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    Hello guys, thanks for the quick response

    First, im using the clapton (1.8 ohms) i have not proved the others yet (atlhough I bought 10 claptons coils as well, so even if the others work well I still need to solve this problem). Im on regular mode and vaping at around 14-15 watts ( the coils say 13-16) my airflow is half open mosst of the time but I would like to have it almost closed , at like 1/5). Also, I don't know if it's worth noticing but the pegasus mini says that my 1.8 clapton coil is 1.63 ohm, not 1.8.

    Also, doing some experiments i poured a bit of liquid on the top of the coil and on the sides and then waited a bit.. the flavour was good for 4-5 puff and then it became flavorless again (it is not burned.. its just flavourless with a bit of metal flavour).

    So i think i have a problem with getting the liquid to the coil. Apart from that It is also consuming ungodly amounts of liquids without giving me the flavour of them.

    Again, thank you
  • Triton Mini consuming it's own juice? You musta paid extra for that option.

    How long are you waiting between vapes?
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    Hahaha yes, I actually found another thread where it is explained that sub ohm atomizers consume a lot more juice than the normal ones, because of the higher voltage, should have seen that one coming, but it was just one of the problems and less worrisome than the other one.
    The most important one is that of the taste, I started using the 0.15 ohm coil today and it tastes great, at whatever temperature, so I guess the problem is just with 1.8 ohm coils, I think the problem has more to do with the wattage used (14-15) and the coil not being wet enough. I wait around 2-3 minutes for each vape, sometimes less sometimes more but always around that range.

  • It's all in the coil man, the coil and the wattage you're running at. They really only consume more IF you're using a sub ohm coil. That .15ohm coil should use around twice as much as the1.8 ohm coil, if not more.

    My nautilus tank with that same clapton would take me a day to vape.
    My Triton 2, with a .5ohm clapton coil, I can easily consume 3 tankfulls, with the same quality taste
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