(New product release)Aspire Plato--An all in one personal vaporizer

Introducing the Aspire Plato. An all in one personal vaporizer and tank system that fits in the palm of your hand. The Plato brings you temperature control and normal wattage mode up to 50 watts along with adjustable airflow, but that isn’t all. This little marvel also has multiple coil options so whether you enjoy a mouth to lung style or a direct to lung style the Plato has you covered. Simple but Complete
more information,please click here:Aspire Plato
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Plato 20161.jpg
1920 x 1080 - 887K
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  • @ilragazzo I doubt anyone has received a production copy of the Weathered Gold Plato such as you ordered. There have been several updates by Aspire on this forum regarding the delay. The latest one was yesterday by Tina. I regard opening a Paypal dispute before simply requesting that Aspire cancel your order and requesting a refund as an abuse of the systems both Aspire and Paypal have in place.

    No, I'm not an Aspire employee, or anyone in their distribution or retail chains.
  • And.... a BLACK charging cord...Wooo Hooo!! :))
  • Yes,the USB cable is for charging and firmware upgrades.
  • Dear All,
    My answer is yes.
    Users can use the triton mini coils in plato
  • woodbar said:

    @ozolli In my experience IF FastTech list the item as "authentic" then it will be authentic.

    I must disagree....if you look at most of the mods that are sold as authentic Aspire.....Fasttech makes a note: Please Notes: The Aspire security stickers on the product are removed so that this product can be offered to customers like you at the lowest price possible. That is verbatim from the Aspire Pegasus with Triton tank kit that they offer. I won't trust them with anything save for drip tips and the odd RDA.
  • ilragazzo said:

    no answer -to me- from here.

    I guess the -to me- is very important to you, as the Tina answer just above (to me, yeah ! I am a VIP and not you, lol) answers you as well.

    You ARE ABUSING the Paypal procedure and something must be done for people like you.
  • Hi @Tina the new Aspire Plato looks great. I've entered the FB giveaway as I'd love to review this complete set up. :)
    Well done Aspire :)
  • Totally surprised by this new device that looks nice indeed ;)
  • Wow @Tina this mod is incredible! Looks are stunning and the versatility is wonderful! 4.5 ml tank AND Upgradeable Firmware as well, I love it! :-bd
  • @charlzrocks The capacity of the BVC setup is 5.6ml
    The capacity of the subohm setup is 4.6ml
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    How does the outside case fix to the mod ?
    Magnets ? Slide ?
    Both ?
  • Tina said:

    @charlzrocks The capacity of the BVC setup is 5.6ml
    The capacity of the subohm setup is 4.6ml

    Ok. I looked again and saw that, thanks!
  • I want!
    What is the sub ohm replacement coil for the Plato? Is it available in Ni and Ti?
  • @Syzsygy no,it is not Ni or Ti,it is 0.4 ohm kanthal Clapton coil.
  • Is the USB cable for charging and eventual firmware upgrades ?
    Is it passthrough too ?
  • Very interesting. I like the upgrade-able firmware, replaceable battery, and that Aspire is leveraging the Nautilus series of coils. It's a good looking all-in-one that's sure to be a winner!
  • It's compatible with the clapton coils 1.8 of the Triton mini?(say yes say yes please!!!) :D
    To bad I come to late for giveaway....Other giveaway later?(or discount coupon?)
  • Why not with charging dock like the Pegasus?I love my charging dock!
  • MrSalem said:

    It's compatible with the clapton coils 1.8 of the Triton mini?(say yes say yes please!!!) :D
    To bad I come to late for giveaway....Other giveaway later?(or discount coupon?)

    "BVC cartridge that mates to standard Nautilus coils. It comes with a Kanthal 1.8 ohms coil preinstalled."

    But I suppose a Clapton 1.8 Ohm will function too.

  • @MrSalem that is a great question - I love the 1.8 Ohm Claptons! If they are indeed compatible, I just might have to buy one of these. Maybe I will go home tonight and verify that there are threads on the top section of the Clapton coils. If so, they should work! :)
  • @Tina Is it possible to have a "live" picture (and not an drawing or synthetic image, whatever you can call that ...) of the "Weathered Gold" version ?
    What does it actually really look like ? ... I'm interested as it is a quite unusual device color.
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    @ Cegoca here is the live picture for your reference,no photoshop .because I don't have the "weathered Gold" in my hand,only the model.so it looks different from our website.
    5472 x 3648 - 2M
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    @ Thank you very much Tina !
    Now, I'm even more hesitating ;)
  • I ordered a plato a week ago and was curious when they will be shipped. it says mid march on the website but i was curious if there is an exact date. I cant get ahold of anyone in customer service.
  • @mikemuna
    Really sorry for the delay .
    Pls kindly wait for some time .It will be available around 20th ,Mar. .
    We promise the order will be shipped in the first batch.
    Have a nice day !
  • Hi there,
    Will the weathered gold version be available soon too ?
  • @ozolli now only the black ,grey,rose gold versions are available
  • @Tina thanks for your answer.
    Are the subohm (0.4) coils available? I mean, if I order a grey Plato with some spare subohm coils will you ship them in the next days?
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