New Cleito SS and TC Coil Resistances? Tell Aspire what you want!

If Aspire is going to make Stainless Steel and Ni200 temperature control coils for the Cleito tank,
With what resistance would you prefer that these coils be made? Be specific for each SS and Ni200 please! We need to get your input on this right away so please weigh in on the subject!
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  • Seeing as how people use plenty of higher powered devices even for temp control, I would suggest going fairly low, seeing as how in temp control most mods can handle 0.05 ohms I believe the ni200 coil would benefit from being a 0.1 so there is some breathing room for those few temp control mods that won't read down to 0.05. As for the SS coil, well, that one is a rich area, SS can be fired just fine in regular wattage mode and in tc, the versatility of that coil type should be exploited by releasing a 0.2 or 0.3 seeing as how most dual cell regulated devices can read 0.2 or lower and in temp control wattage doesn't really play to big a roll, just ramp up time. Most temp control devices can hit at least 60w where the majority hang around 75w and 100w+. So, in summation, ni200 is a coil type that is already used frequently in the 0.2 to 0.1 range and people know it well so keep it there SS could be the 0.3 replacement for people switching from the Atlantis/Triton, and offer temp control as well as a super diverse coil that I have high hopes for.
  • I'm going to try one of the third party encapsulated ceramic coils for the Atlantis/Triton series before making a request. I've heard a lot of good about them. If they work, then Stainless Steel in the 40-50W range. That should match up well with the Pegasus. If Aspire releases a two or three cell MOD, a higher wattage coil would be welcomed.
  • I agree with Tensho, a .1 NI and a .3 SS would be awesome :)
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