Aspire is going to release several products---what kind of product do you expect

Aspire is going to release several product this week or next week--what kind of product do you expect?
let us know your idea

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  • A 5ml Cleito tank ......................................... YES/NO
    A Cleito RTA (soon) ..................................... YES/NO
    Cleito TC coils .............................................. YES/NO ?
    A 2-cells min. 100 W + SS TC Mod ............. YES/NO ?
    A 18650 e-pipe ............................................ YES/NO ?
  • all I want from aspire right now is a rewickable ceramic coil for the cleito complete with a jig to make rewicking the ceramic coil easy.

    I'm literally a click away from getting horizon techs krixus tank and all that's stopping me is availability.

    I love my cleito, and I'll hold out for as long as I can. So I hope aspire steps up. Everyone is coming out with rewickable ceramic coils right now. They are better.
  • A dual battery box mod in different COLORS
  • I got my DNA200 device. I got a Cleito(perfect tank, imo). I got drippers. I got Aromamizer. I got other mods.

    I got pretty much everything I need/want out of vaping. I would like to see a dedicated RTA tank from Aspire with a Velocity style deck that will blow everyone else out of the market. I should have a dripper style feed similar to the Aromamizer but have an easier wicking system. I have used quite a few RTA style devices and although I did like the a few of them, a lot of them are difficult to get the wicking just right. My 2 Tritons and the RTA Kit just sit around. I tried the RTA stuff on the Smok TFV4 and they worked but not the experience I wanted. The Aromamizer is a good experience but I still feel that it could be better.

    The only other thing I would like to see is a version of the Proteus that will use a dedicated wall outlet plug and is VW that goes up to 150 to 200 Watts of power. A hookah really is not meant to be portable. Although it is fun to have the portability of the mod available to just take to a vape shop and show off, I would rather be able to use it at home next to my chair while gaming or w/e and not worry about batteries. Yes I would probably have bought both versions if they were available. Also I would love to have full tank replacements instead of just the glass. This way I would be able to have more than one flavor profile and not have to waste a coil just to go from a desert flavor that sticks to cotton to a fruity flavor.

    Also, Aspire tends to be the company that innovates in vaping. I just keep seeing the same kind of things that are released and following trends, but nothing really innovative as of late. That is not to say that you are not releasing new and great products that are mind blowing(Cleito is a mind blowing tank). We as vape users just want a product that is going to give mind blowing flavor, huge clouds, and little to no throat hit on whatever we throw in the tank. Also make it so that someone that is just starting out will not be coughing so much that it will just make them not want to vape. With all this said, just innovate. :)
  • 1. A RTA solution for Nautilus
    2. A K1 version with larger capacity. May be a solution for air flow control here (something like eLeaf GS Air has implemented).
  • @Cegoca @midnightwolf ,thank you for your kind suggestion,I will pass them to our products development department.
    if aspire is going to make ss and Ni200 teperature control coil for the cleito tank,what resistance should be made? I am curious of this question :-?
  • I would say the SS at 0.5 Ohm, to be used either in VW or in TC mode.
    Eventually, as I won't use it myself, the Ni200 at 0.2 Ohm.
  • So, we are friday now, any new products yet ?
  • CCell style ceramic coil ni200
    for nautilus

    mouth to lung tank!! dont forgive us
    i want my nautilus 2 :)
  • @All,the new products are coming soon,please pay attention to our website these days
  • I'd like to see a 5-7ml capacity Triton 2 or a mod for it!!
  • But the TPD only allows us to make 2ml tank :(
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    Tina said:

    But the TPD only allows us to make 2ml tank :(

    That TPD is only valid for the EU, not for the rest of the world.
    And you still have till at least November 2016 to sell lots of them.
    And that 3.a rule from article 20 of the TPD might still be subject to interpretation.
    The 2ml limit could perhaps only be for the disposable e-cig or the single use cartridges (???).
  • @marc18t The Triton Mini is a mouth to lung tank and is basically the Nautilus 2. The coils for it are made to fit both tanks. It is a wonderful vape too. You can now get it without having to buy the full Pegasus Mini kit.
  • I dear saying the Triton Mini gives a "semi direct" (!) vape. You can use it for MTL vaping too, in my opinion :D
  • @Tina Anything else to follow after the K2, K3 and K4 starter kits ?
  • look at that drip tip!
    doesnt seem like a dedicated mtl

    but i already use triton mini ni-200 coil in my nautilus and they are perfect

    the kind of drip tip that a mtl want is posted below
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    1880 x 1058 - 145K
    image.jpeg 86.3K
    image.jpeg 144.9K
  • Doesn't look like a dedicated direct lung drip tip either.
    Read again, I said both vapes were possible and I also use them that way, as some other vapers do too.

    You'll never get me vaping on those mtl drip tips of yours ...
  • my personal opinion on this is that you can do both the right way
    like a bmw x6 not a real sport car not a real suv :)
  • @All more amazing products will come soon,please pay attention to our website these days. ;;)
  • @Intrinsic Have you tried ceramic encapsulated coils, or are you going on the reviews?

    I haven't tried them yet, but they sound like a good idea, as did many flops.
  • I also agree that a porous ceramic coil would be amazing, I have not and will not be trying the vaperesso coils though because I can't justify buying a coil I will only use to see what it's like when I know it won't satisfy my vaping style, I can't even go back to 0.5 without feeling it's just not enough. 0.4 on the cleito at 60w is good and 100w on the 0.2 is heaven, but I'm side tracking, 0.5 and 0.3 porous ceramic wicking 316LSS coils and ni200 at 0.2 or 0.1. Also, beat every one else to the punch, make a 4 cell mod with a balanced charger in it that can use the many 2.1amp car chargers, just saying, 0.5a per cell is plenty safe and it's an option that could be useful in a pinch regardless of whether or not people would use it as a dedicated charging source, stagger the battery sled, put the screen on top and you could even make it small enough to be comfortably portable if just a little tall.
  • porous ceramic ni200 clapton :D
    the only problem with ceramic is that it need lot of power to reach 200c fast.. if you use kanthal you will go beyond the safe operation temp more often
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    image.png 168.5K
  • porous ceramic,That's interesting.
    If it is safe to use on vape products?
  • @Cegoca when can i buy the larger tank on the UK site ?
  • Sorry, I'm not from Aspire, but perhaps @Tina can tell ?
  • @steelcityskin which tank do you mean?
    You can buy any of our products from our authorized distributors in UK
  • Does he mean the new 5ml Cleiro tank ?
  • I wouldn't use porous ceramic in a non temp control coil at the resistances we're talking about, but as far as being safe, there is plenty of cookware and flatware that is made of ceramic, just like SS.
  • Just thought of something else too, a "cleito cap". Something to fit down on the top piece of the cleito so it can be covered and protected from dust and stuff, it could also have like a bottle cap style grip so removing the top of the cleito is a bit easier for people with sweaty hands like I get when I've been working all day. Seriously though, a cap for the cleito would be awesome, just snap it on and pocket your mod with no worries about pocket lint or purse debris.
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