Clieto tastes burnt

I just got a clieto three days ago. The guy at the shop said the atomizer should last a couple weeks. He set it up for me and its been great. But Just three days in, I'm getting a burnt taste. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm so disappointed
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  • Has anyone else experienced this?

    No ... not for the 8 weeks I've been using mine ... and only on my second coil ...

    I'm disappointed too ... by the people complaining without at least telling us what resistance they are on (0.2 or 0.4 Ohms), what Wattage they use, the battery and battery cell, liquid vaped (PG/VG) and so on ...

  • Any cotton wicked coil in any tank will give a burned taste if over powered for the coil and liquid combination. Did you just put in a new coil and start vaping? The coil may not have soaked up enough liquid, and you may have dry fired it. As @Cegoca said without information we can only mumble platitudes.
  • I have ran the .2 Ohm coil at 120W and no burnt flavor. I had to change a coil because the wick got gunked up from the liquid used but that is normal. Ran my first coil for almost a month and a half witn no issues and still has life to it. Only changed because of flavor profile.

    More info on your setup and settings would help
  • I'm getting the rubber band taste on mine.Have tried both included coils and bought new of .2 and .4
    Have also tried switching to the larger tank and new coils.No luck there.Today I am going to try the stainless steel coils.
    I've noticed the rubber band issue talked about in other places too.Anyone know if Aspire has found out what is causing this?
  • Btw,I use a VTC mini mod and start at 35 watts and steadily increase from there.The current juice I'm using is Ritual Catrina.
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