New Nautlius cotton BVC coils flood too easily - bring back the fiberglass BVC with smaller holes

Dear people at Aspire,

I just bought a Nautilus 6 days ago and it is helping me avoid smoking normal cigarettes really well. My problem is that I use thin liquids (70-80% PG) and a tight airflow (1.1mm) to make it feel like a paper cigarette and have strong taste. The new Nautilus cotton BVC coils have really big holes and they flood very easily for me, which means I am wasting e-liquid and time cleaning them many times every day. For me it is impossible to use more VG because I need a strong throat hit to stay away from normal cigarettes and I want a tight airflow because that's the most satisfying for me. My solution to reduce flooding / gurgling is to use a voltage higher than the recommended one, which destroys the coils more quickly (2 coils in 6 days = very expensive). I think that these new coils are great for people who like using really big airflow and do lung inhales. But not all vapers vape this way. Please bring back the old BVC coils with fiberglass / silica and smaller holes. They are much better for people who vape like me with thin liquids and a tight airflow. I think that fiberglass / silica is very safe (I have been using silica wicks for 2 years and I have no problem) and some people were afraid of them unnecessarily. To be honest, I am more afraid of cotton burning than fiberglass burning. Maybe you could produce two versions of coils at the same time, version 1 & version 2? I would really like to buy the fiberglass ones. Thank you for reading my concerns and my suggestion.

Theodoros from Greece.
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