Cf vv battery flash orange once then pink /blue 3 times

So I'm havein diffulity with this battery.when I press the button to's goes orange for 1 sec then flashes 3 times in blue and pink tried 5 different tanks .this kept on happing for 5 min ,then started flashing orange,But I thought you can still vape when the battery is orange?
After that it only went orange for 1 sec then flashes 3 times blue and pink ,this repeated for about 5 min using all my tanks then it just started flashing orange 10 times or more maybe 15 times can't be sure.its 2 days old and genuine.please help me currently charging at the moment
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  • @Live1
    These instructions are taken directly from the Aspire website regarding the CF VV Battery
    Overdischarge Protection
    When battery cell voltage is less than 3.2V (low battery), the atomizer will remain OFF, and the Orange LED light will blink 15 times.
    Atomizer Short Circuit Protection
    If heating coils are short-circuited while vaping, the LED lights (both colors) blink 3 times, and the battery will default to “sleep mode.”
    Charging Short Circuit Protection
    If the charger is short-circuited while charging, the battery will default to OFF position, stop charging, and the LED lights (both colors) will flash 6 times.
    Lock and Unlock Function
    To lock the battery, press the button 5 times in succession in 2 seconds. The LED lights (both colors) will flash 3 times. Repeat this procedure or recharge to unlock.
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    So what's wrong with it why is it flashing pink and blue 3 times with all my tanks then does it mean it need to charge. I've read the instructions many times.
  • @Live1
    Looks to be the short circuit protection going off as well as battery needing to be recharged as well. FIRST clean the 510 connection on the battery. There could be debris in the 510 connector causing it to short and shut off.
    SECOND this battery is NOT a SUB OHM battery, so if your coils are below spec for the battery, that could be the cause as well. What tanks have you tried? What resistance coils?
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    The battery is 1 day old and the k1 glassamizer is 2 days old 1.8ohm coil.both clean as a whistle also tried 3 ce4 clearomizers and 1 gs h2 clearomizer aswell and a nimbus tank.I would press the fire button to vape it and it will flash orange once.then flash pink and blue 3 times it will do this every time I tryed to vape .then after a minute it flashes orange 10 times and won't work just keeps flashing's currently charging.
  • @Live1
    Take it off the charger and return it for an exchange or refund. It's best not to mess with a battery that may be defective!
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    Ok I'll ask for a 3 flashes then 10 orange flashes means it's broken yes?it works fine now its charged.but I bet when it's nearly out of charge it will do this flashing 3 times thing blue and pink followed by 10 orange flashes
  • @Live1
    3 flashes means Atomizer short circuit, I don't know what 10 orange flashes means so at this point, it's up to you if you think it's still ok. It's not acting correctly according to Aspire instructions. If it were my battery, I would return it. Again, it's up to you. :-??
  • I'm going to give it one day to test because I used it straight from the box without charging it was new perhaps that confused the battery somehow.I've fully charged the battery when the battery runs low if it flashes 3 times pink and blue when it's at low battery I'll return it.if it flashes orange 10 times I'll keep it.because instructions say flashing orange 10 times means you can't use it as the battery needs charging
  • It's just so much hassle sending things back it takes ages etc etc.but I'll keep an eye on it and if it does the short circit flashes again near low battery it will go back definitely
  • When the led is orange apparently that means the voltage is less than 3.5v does this mean I need to turn down the battery to 3.3v to continue using it.
  • Update the battery when it gets to low battery 3.3 volts orange light the 3 blue and pink flashes and turns off. So I sent it back.but the guy from uk Ecig Store says it's supposed to flash blue and pink so probably won't replace. I'm really pissed off and won't buy aspire
    products again
  • When the battery is fully charged, how much (in ml) do you vape till it flashes ?
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    I dont vape much the short out flashing always happens after a few hours as soon as the battery goes is low orange light .the second the button on the battery changes to orange.the next time you press the fire button it will flash 3 times blue and pink so you can't use it.and if you keep on pressing the fire button so the blue and pink short indicator comes on they battery will flash orange 10 or 15 times then the battry dies and need charging.I wonder if when the battery drops to 3.3v or below and the orange light comes up on the button if I turned down the voltage to 3.3 on the battery it will work and not show the short 3 flashing inicator.because I use the battery on 4.3v or more and maybe when the battery drops to 3.3 v maybe you have to turn the battery down to the lowest voltage to continue to use it without the battery short indicator flashing 3 times.but I don't
    know these cf battery's are complicated the instructions don't really explain propprerly how to use it lol.anyway I sent it back but I'm sure they will not replace it or refund me because they are assholes saying it's normal to short out constantly when the battery is getting low lol
  • hello, Live1
    I am sorry for the delaying.
    From your description,We check with our engineers,the battery shows low battery when it flash 10-15 times orange.users should quit using and charge the battery immediately
  • No mine flashes blue and pink 3 times
  • "After that it only went orange for 1 sec then flashes 3 times blue and pink ,this repeated for about 5 min using all my tanks then it just started flashing orange 10 times or more maybe 15 times can't be sure"
    your description on your first post.
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    Yes correct. I've sent it back because you are supposed to still be able to use it when the battery is running low orange button. My faulty battery will flash blue and pink 3 times imediatly after the fire button light up orange so it's impossible to mates cf battery you can use it when it's a steady orange for 10 Min before it starts flasheing orange 15 times then needs a charge ,mine just flashes blue and pink.saying there is a short. 3 flashes means atomiser short circuit. But all my atomises work perfectly on my old battery's. So it's the cf battery that's faulty. As soon as the battery drops to 3.3v and the fire button is orange the battery goes into short circuit
    mode.deeming the product useless but you should be able to still use it when orange .it should NOT FLASH BLUE AND PINK 3 times and short out imediatly as the button goes should be able to use it like my mates working battery should not be shortin out.with 3 flashes end of story
  • A little update.they sent it back to me saying it's supposed to flash blue and pink 3 times and be unusable when the battery is half empty.complete assholes.the battery will go in the trash and I'll stick to my trusty 99 p ego battery from ebay.aspire cf battery is a waste of money imo if you can't use it when it's half full
  • Little update uk Ecig they wouldnt refund me as they said the battry is supposed to short out at half full capacity lol lol .so I sold it for a big loss.and bought another genuine cf battery from a legit seller and it works correctly. I can use it on half battery with no issues until the battry dies.DO NOT BUY FROM UK ECIG there aspire cf vv battery is fake even thought the scratch off thing was legit.I've heard fakers are using codes that show its genuine when it's not
  • What I have on my CF Maxx, a similar product you may say, is that when the battery gets too low, it will flash orange once then 3 times pink/blue.
    Two choices at that point : either you put it directly for recharge or you lower the Wattage (voltage on yours ?) so you can continue to vape, but with less power.
  • @Live1
    I am happy to hear that you got a battery that works the way it's supposed to! Thanks for hanging in there and for all the information. This may help others in the future!
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