Triton & RTA - another (a bit late) review

I would like to share some of my findings on the Triton. It's about Triton v1 and not v2. Due to the RTA issue with v2, I had to buy the v1 together with RTA. I was bit worried buying v1 but, after 2 weeks of usage all I can tell I have no regrets.
Few things about my preferences: I'm flavor chaser, most of my liquids are tobacco flavored (not strong). I do my own liquids and also I re/build my coils.
Being a flavor chaser, I do MTL vape for tobacco and my favorite devices are: Aspire Nautilus (standard and mini) and a Kayfun V4 clone. For other type of flavors (fruits, sweets) , I use a Kanger Subtank Mini on TC (with Ni or SS). This is the only situation I do direct inhale.
Comining back to Triton, I liked (by comparison with my other devices: Aspire Nautilus, Kayfun v4 Tobecco clone, Kanger Subtank Mini, eLeaf GS Air M, Aspire K1, etc ): the shape, size and weight, filling system, liquid control system, build quality, air control system and the RTA. The only doubts here concerns the cpacity (3.5 ml only) and the fact the tank's glass can't be replaced.
Coming to the main part of the interest: the flavor. My conclusion: excellent. None of my existing devices gave me the same pleasant sensation with regards on the flavor. I compare here with Aspire Nautilus, Kayfun v4 clone, Kanger Subtank Mini and eLeaf GS Air M, for the same e-liquid (one of my favourites: 18 drops of TPA-RY4 Double, 2 drops of Acetyl Pyrazine for 10 ml of 55PG/45VG, 5mg nic), vaped under (almost) the same hardware conditions (1.6 ohm coils) at 12W. It's the first time in my vape experience when, on inhale the bite sensation (may be due to the nic and PG) almost dissapeared. Best flavor sensation I experienced with Triton. I would say: more delicate, fine, subtle.
Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention I speak about 1.8 coil.
About the 0.4 coil which was installed I have nothing to say because I did not used in these two weeks. And I do not plan to use it.
About RTA, nothing to say. It's up to everybody.
Next I plan to test the 0.5 Clapton coil. Not sure what to expect (liking MTL). Being 0.5@40-45W, I have to update my e-liquid also, namely I'll do 60VG/40PG with max 2mg nic. But again, want to give it a try.
So, if you are a MTL light tobacco flavor-chaser vaper, you need new device and stay in doubt, my recomendation is to go for the Triton.
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  • Nice review! I am also mostly a MTL vaper, and though I have several tanks the Triton v1 has been my daily vape since winter started. I have a fruity menthol flavor that is perfect for the cold and flu season, and the top fill can't be beat on the Triton v1.

    I also favor the 1.8 Ohm coil, but have to tell you that you will love the .5 Ohm Clapton coils when you feel like DTL vaping.

    Since you mentioned the Nautilus, I must urge you to try the 1.8 Ohm Clapton coils for the Triton Mini! They work in the Nautilus, and are really amazing!

    Vape on... :)>-
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