Check your Aspire Scratch off code for authenticity!

  • agapejs said:

    @charlzrocks Thank you. That seller at Ebay (batterystock2014) sold to me 100% genuine Aspire box of 5pc BVC coils but box came without scratch code and stuff does not works properly.

    Tina said:

    @agapejs Yes,the 5pc boxes still have the scratch code on them

    I highly suggest that you report the seller to eBay and ask for a refund! According to Aspire @Tina, they should still have the scratch off authentication on the 5 pc box. If they don't, they are fakes!
  • The shady vape store in town sold me a set of coils that the first one, within a day, is clogged. So I went to check the authenticity scratch off. It was a sticker on the outside of the box.

    The sticker has a QR code. I haven't scanned it yet. I was done with this vape shop once before, but returned because they are the only one within 20 miles and gas is expensive these days. I can't find the coils on Amazon anymore, either. Oi.
  • Everything that I have purchased from Aspire has a celophane wrapper on it. If you buy from Amazon or eBay it still comes down to buyer beware. Always buy your Aspire gear from the Aspire website or a reputable dealer of Aspire products. IMO Amazon and eBay are not reputable sources as many fakes are sold there.
  • @Pamela6

    Make sure that you are entering the "Scratch Off" code and not the UPC number. And if the number does not exist, chances are its a fake.
  • Cegoca said:

    The Cleito needs a longer drip tip....

    I use all four Cleito I have with the original drip tip and they suit me best. are wrong!

    [-X :D
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