Pegasus doesn't fire just reads "ASPIRE"

suddenly my Pegasus won't fire. It just reads aspire... Any idea as to why anyone... I removed and cleaning the battery and compartment as I saw on another post
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  • @sweetdream
    How long have you had the mod? Is it genuine Aspire? Did you check the scratch off code against the Aspire website? If the Pegasus is genuine Aspire and still under warranty follow the instructions here:
  • I had it for a few months I never checked to see if it was genuine... I was new to Vaping and didn't know I needed to... Thanks for the information... I'm gonna follow the link you provided ....thsnks again!!!
  • @sweetdream
    If you still have the packaging that your mod came in there will be a scratchoff strip on it. Scratch off the strip to reveal the number and enter it at the bottom of the Aspire home page ( where it says "Security Code" and press go. When you check the scratch off authentication it should read as in the photo below (the X's being the numbers you input) If it says that the code has already been checked more than one time, then you have purchased a fake. I have seen where a person checks the code and the code has been checked over 500 times. Meaning that the fake maker is using the same one number on all it's fake goods. If it's a genuine Aspire product you will see this:image
    scratch code.JPG
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  • hello,sweetdream
    please give us more detailed information.
    Did you mean that the screen just show "aspire"
    even you attach a tank to it and press the fire button,the screen only shows"aspire"?
  • Sorry for the delay in response... I'm just now seeing this message... But I took it to the local vape shop and it seems the battery just isn't charging... The charger port is very loose... I'm going to buy an external battery charger... Hopefully that will be the fix... Thank you so much for the support... If anyone else is having this type of issue perhaps you can offer this as a possible remedy... Again thank you!!!
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    I myself only charge my boxes with the usb port as a last option.
    I always use an external battery charger.
    And the Pegasus has a nice docking unit too.
  • I now have this problem as well. A 6 month old Pegasus that now reboots more times than not on hitting the fire button. It seems to work better if I breathe slowly of fire it for a second before breathing in vapour. It also seems to be draining batteries faster. Tried new coils and batteries but no better. I am contact HQ China as per their help but it's out of warranty . Less than impressed if I am honest - it should last longer than that!
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