Pegasus Display Issue

I've had a Pegasus mod for a few months... generally been ok but I have developed a display issue.

The display continuously shows the big battery as full as though it's charged, but it isn't plugged in. If I fire the device it briefly shows the wattage and battery indicator etc but reverts back to the big battery after a second or two... if that makes sense.

Any ideas?
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  • @Brufordx
    Is your battery already fully charged? Make sure that you don't have any debris stuck in the micro usb port, blow it out good, take out your battery and check for debris or juice in the battery compartment. The Pegasus chip will "Reboot" your Pegasus upon reinsterting the battery. Hopefully this will solve your problem.
  • hello,Brufordx
    please turn to this post.
    While vaping,the battery indicator will jump,once loosing the fire button,the battery indicator will revert back.
    because no load voltage is different from load voltage.
    when the battery loaded,the voltage will drop,then the battery indicator will drop,once loosing the fire button,the battery indicator will revert back.
    the drop speed of the battery ,decided by many factors:the capacity of the battery,the resistance of the coil,discharge rate of the battery...
  • Who ever posted above has nothing to do with the question. The charging indicator is always on even when not connected to a charger.. Mine charges fine, works fine. however it has the same issue with the charging indicator always on. Removing the battery for a while and reinstalling it doesn't help. I will attempt to clean it's compartment and see if that fixes it, though it is probably something to do with the USB port. I did see on another mod n47 or something like that to upgrade the formware.... not sure if that applies to this model either
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