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So I'm having an issue when I fire my Pegasus with a fully charged battery. As I'm taking a drag the battery meter drops down to half full with a fully charged battery. I have even bought brand new batteries and it does the same thing. I'm using Aspire 2500 batteries and Samsung 2500 batteries they both do the same. What does the second battery meter mean ? I noticed this since I recently bought an Aspire Cleito and I don't feel like I'm getting the best performance out if it with the .4ohm or the .2ohm coils. I feel like I get a better performance out of my Atlantis and my Tritton tanks when I build my own coils at around .27 ohms. I don't know if I'm having a mod issue or what ? Help me out here please. TIA
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  • The meter measures voltage at the coil. Think of your battery as a voltage source with a resistor in series with it. The higher the drain rating of battery, the lower its internal resistance is. The more current you draw from the battery, the more voltage drops across this internal resistance. You'll notice that the voltage across your coil drops less at the lower wattages.

    You need a high drain battery such as Aspire's 1800mAh 40A to get the best performance from your Pegasus/Cleito.
  • @Old_Salt ok I see the low wattage less voltage difference. I'll try the aspire 1800mah thanks.
  • @Old_Salt the 1800 40A seems to be working a little better.
  • Why when I change tanks on my Pegasus battery it never says new atomizer?
  • My battery also does that when I fired up, I only have one battery to test the theory but it drops not fully halfway down every hit
  • @mike2for1 It's not theory, it's fact. The chemistry of the battery is immaterial. It may be lead acid as in a vehicle, nickle metal hydride, alkaline, or in our case Li - ion. The three measurements of importance for a fully charged battery are it's capacity in ampere-hours, open circuit voltage and closed circuit current. Do NOT try to measure the closed circuit (short circuit) current for any battery directly. Many, including our Li-ion batteries will explode if you try. You need two voltmeters, an ammeter and a resistor to determine the closed circuit current. The attached diagram shows how to safely measure the closed circuit current. Use a 1Ω resistor for most batteries used in vaping.
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