Metal flakes in nautilus mini drip tip.

Just a quick query.

I have been using an aspire nautilus mini for a few months now and so far very happy with it. However today I have noticed flakes of metal in the residue inside the drip tip? I normally clean this out quite regularly but it's been a couple of days this time so I'm not sure if it's a new issue or I've just been cleaning it out without realising before.

The flakes vary in size from very small to quite worryingly big considering I am effectively breathing in whatever comes out of that hole.
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  • Do you have pictures? Is this the stock drip tip, or a replacement that might have been painted? Have you checked the scratch code online for the coils? Which coils are you using?

    I would tend to think that your ejuice might be caramelizing, aspecially if it is a sweet flavor. The metal should not be flaking unless you are doing something crazy like using Nickel coils in Wattage mode...
  • You might want to look closely at both the juice in the tank and the juice in the bottle you are getting it from to see if they contain the metallic flakes. Can you see visually anywhere on the tank where the chrome plating is flaking off?
  • These are the 'flakes' that I cleared out of it today, in comparison to my thumb.

    Coils and tank are both shop bought and legit. I'm using Apollo Signature series number 2 at the moment, which is a very sweet flavour, it does leave a lot of residue which is why I've been cleaning regularly. The drip tip is also the stock one that came with it.

    As far as I can see, I can't tell where the flakes could be coming from. I will strip down completely later and have a good look.
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    3024 x 3024 - 3M
  • WoW! Those are some pretty large metal flakes! Definately strip down the tank assembly and clean it and maybe you can see where the flakes have come off the tank unit. If not, I suggest that you shake your juice bottle real well and empty it into a class container large enough that you can hold up to the light to see if there are flakes in suspension in your juice. Lets hope not!
  • Yikes! That is strange. Yeah, check out your juice, and clean your tank thoroughly. Keep us updated, never heard of anything like this before!
  • Ok so juice is fine, using in another tank with no issues.

    Had a better look at the nautilus, coil is in good shape and still can't figure out where this is coming from. It wouldn't have come from in my pocket or anything like that so I can rule that out.

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