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Has anybody had a pyrex tank crack on them just after taking a drag, today just after vapING for a lil bit I heard a faint pop and looked down and saw a hairline crack on my tank and started leaking
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  • hi have had a aspire celito for just under a month and its fantastic.. great taste and vape .. then all of a sudden the glass tank just cracked on its own (wasn't dropped or anything) i tried fitted the replacement tank but it wouldn't fit on there was some resistance .. like pushing to magnets together .. then bang the replacement tank shattered ..i took it back to the shop and they wouldn't replace it or give me a refund. instead they said the bottom oring wasn't fitting right and to order one offline (from where i cant find any). I don't understand why after 4 weeks this oring would cause the glass to shatter. as anyone any suggestions.
  • The ones that came with it ... It just cracked .. The guy in the shop where I bought it tried to put a tank one but it did the same it just would fit on .. kept pushing it back off
  • Hey this also happened to me on the 4/5th hit after opening it. When I tried to remove the glass I found it was stuck - almost fused to the bottom o-ring. I think the problem could be remedied by removing the tank before use and saturating the o ring with some e-liquid. I'm not a physicist so I'm not familiar with the rules governing thermal expansion - but I suspect the problem could be that the out-of-the-box o-ring is dryly stuck to the glass so that when it expands, the glass expands. By adding some lubrication, the o-ring is more able to expand vertically into the tank. Without the lubrication - the o-ring, being stuck to the glass, will expand horizontally and vertically, thus increasing the likelihood of cracked pyrex.

    TLDR; you may be able to mitigate the expansion's pressure on the pyrex by ensuring there is some oil between the pyrex and base o-ring. I could be wrong but my pyrex hasn't cracked since.

    Edit: Maybe a way to test if you need to add some e-liquid-lube is by twisting the pyrex tank and see if the pyrex seems stuck to the o-ring.
  • @guinness
    When they get back from holiday maybe @Tina can address this for you. Please do not multipost more threads on this subject. Let's keep it here and wait till they get back for an answer from @Tina. Thanks!
  • Ok... just wanted to no if anyone else has had the same problem
  • No problem with a Cleito used for more than 5 weeks here ...
  • @guinness @Razorman131 Which coils were you using when the glass cracked?
  • The Cleito comes with two coils. A 0.4Ω 40-60W coil is pre-installed, and a replacement 0.2Ω 55-70W coil. Which coil was in use, and what power were you vaping at? Were you chain vaping at the time the glass cracked? Where did the crack start, at the base of the tank, or the top?

    I'm thinking along two lines at the moment. The glass itself may have been defective, or the base hardware may have expanded due to the heat of the coil.
  • I would like to see a picture off your pyrex resting on its base.
    Is that possible @guinness ?
  • @guinness hello,
    I am sorry for the delaying.
    You can just buy the rubber seal gasket from our online
    I don't know which country do you live?
    if you live in USA,UK Canada,you can contact our after-sale service center in USA,UK,Canada
    best wish
  • After my first glass tank broke in multiple pieces, I had some resistance putting the second glass tank on. I was not going to be with out my new Cleito, so I just held it down with my fingers while I filled it up with juice and screwed the top on. I have not had a problem with it since. However, I am still looking for a replacement tank because I will without a doubt break this glass too. That's just my luck runs
  • @rodeogirl put the vape band on the glass tube to protect the glass while dropping.
  • I had my pyrex break on my Cleito today also, only had it a week, never been dropped or anything. Seemed very random, picked it up, took a hit and heard a pop and there was a crack running up it. I fitted the spare, but am unable to find anywhere selling a replacement (I'm in the UK). Other than that I think its a great tank and am more than pleased with it.
  • Yes I had the exact same problem today. I received this tank less than a week ago and today when I first went to use it, I had 2 pulls on it the tank just made a popping sound and had cracked all the way down one side from top to bottom. I haven't dropped it or mistreated it at all and I am very conscious to not over tighten the top or the tank to my mod and I was only vaping at 45w which is nowhere near the capability of the coil/tank. I have been vaping for over 2yrs and have various Aspire tanks including the Atlantis 1 & 2 and so do not consider myself a novice, so I am content that this is not a result of something that I have done. I also have the nautilus and the mini and have never had any issues with them just like the atlantis tanks and genuinely rate Aspire products, so this poor quality from them is a surprise to me.
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  • Same problem here. Wife cracked both her tanks within 3 weeks. Our juice uses Pineapple which is a plastic tank buster but shouldn't affect Pyrex. First one that cracked it was sitting in her cup holder driving down the road. Second one cracked while she was holding it. I am beginning think that these tanks aren't really Pyrex. False advertising maybe? To bad, we have used Aspire tanks for a long time and we really liked the Cleito. Great flavor coming out of this little tank. But its not worth a thing if you cant keep "Pyrex" tanks on it. We will add it to the junk pile and move on. Buyer Beware!!!!!!!
  • I've had exactly the same thing occur on 3 tanks now. All I've done is take a drag! Clearly the quality of the glass is to blame here, there's no strength whatsoever and as its the third time this has happened in the 3 days I've had it... I'm simply going to take it back, get a full refund and spend the money on something that works.
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  • After attempting to replace the glass tank with the one that comes as a spare... I've noticed it's not actually possible to put the glass in the same position as the previously... The seal that is fitted at the point of manufacture is too big for the glass (only a tiny little bit) and as all 3 of the cracks seems to have started at the bottom of the tank I suspect that this maybe the cause of the manufacturing failures (the rubber seal).

    I'm not going to attempt to screw the glass down to where it should go, as I know it will break again, but until I get a refund and choose an alternative manufacturers tank I'll still need to Vape...

    In all honesty I do not expect the glass to last longer than 24 hours once it is in the place it should be... It's nothing to do with heat expansion... It's simply a case of the wrong specification had been used for the band at the bottom of the tank!
  • @Nate1124PW thank you for your kind suggestion
  • I have had the same problem this afternoon. Took a vape, was just holding it in my hands then heard a pop kind of crack sound. Was at work and unable to change the glass. Now I'm home can't get the replacement to stay on tried it dry with juice on it just pops off constantly. Not very happy at all had the tank for one week.
  • Never had that kind of problem with my 6 Cleito's, all originals, bought on Aspires web shop.

    I also cleaned them before their first use.
  • Bought cleito to take on vacation used it 1 day flew to Hawaii and when I landed I used it and pop glass cracked in half but I left the extra glass at home so I found a local shop boght another and used if for half a day pop same thing put the spare glass on and have made it another day hope it last longer I don't want to buy a 3rd tank in a week
  • @Razorman131 According to the principle of heat from the cold,especially during cold weather,the glass will crack by itself ,this is the normal natural phenomena.
    There is a extra replacement glass tube in the box,you can change the broken one.
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