I was going to change my coils and my atomizer is stuck in my tank and can't get it out, it's a Atlantis 2
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  • I watched the Atlantis 2 video here on the forums. The atomizer coil simply screws down into the base until it bottoms out. If your atomizer is stuck, it could be due to a few possible problems.

    1. It could have been put in cross-threaded. This is where the threads of the coil and the threads in the base weren't lined up correctly and screwing the coil in essentially jammed it. This is easy enough to fix, but understand that the coil threads have been ruined and the coil is destined for the trash can. Get two pairs of pliers, one to hold the coil, and one to hold the base. Use the extra leverage of the pliers to unjam the cross threads by unscrewing the coil from the base in the counter-clockwise direction, then it should eventually get loose enough to remove with your fingers. Throw that coil away and be more careful inserting the new coil. If it does not turn easily to screw down into the base, stop, back off, and try again.
    2. It could be stuck due to sticky juices getting past the o-rings of the coil. Drop the base and coil together into some warm water and let it soak for a bit. As the water cools off, get the base and attempt to remove the coil. If it doesn't unscrew, get new warmer water and soak both units together again until the juice making things sticky is either gone or softened. If this fixes it, be sure to clean the base and the rest of the tank very well with soapy water and dry them fully before putting the new coil in.
    3. Your problem is actually something else that you didn't describe in your question, so none of these steps would work. Maybe you can't get the base of the tank to come away from the top? Maybe something else is going on?

    Give the two first steps a try, or describe your problem with more detail.
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