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I have purchased a Pegasus 70W TC mod in the UK and am frankly disappointed. The test fire at 30W issue using higher ohm coils is repeatedly burning wicks. Why is there not a firmware upgrade for this issue? Also why is there not a silicon sleeve available as this is pretty much standard on release for most comparable mods. Have Aspire just decided to drop this device and ignore customers who bothered to buy it? The battery usage could also do with a firmware calibration.
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  • @Craggler58
    If you are looking for the definitive answer, I believe it was already posted in this thread:

    Tina said:

    Dear All,
    Sincerely thank you for giving your support.
    The function of the updated Pegasus is the same as the original one,we listen to customers suggestion,we just change the operation interface,
    Before,the Pegasus can confirm the material of the coil automaticly and change from TC mode to Wattage mode,Now users change the using mode by themselves according to the material of the coil.
    At present,we can not achieve the update through App,the original Pegasus can not be updated.But in future,we will try our best to achieve this kind suggestion,hope in future,users can update the battery through App,users can download the software and update it through computer.

    Best Wish

    This is your answer "the original Pegasus can not be updated".
    Future mods that are manufactured might have the ability to have firmware, etc updated but not the original.

    The silicon sleeve has been suggested to the product development team and the Pegasus V2 has been updated so that the user can make settings manually. You must have purchased the Pegasus V1 which has the automatic settings feature.
  • What coils are you using specifically? Breaking in a coil at 30W could cause it to burn immediately if the power is too high and the coil is not properly primed.
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