Can I use a Nautilus 5ml tank with a CF sub ohm?

yeah... can I? My nautilus mini works fine with the cf sub ohm. Is this bad for the tank? I want to Order the bigger 5ML Nautilus to use with my CF Sub Ohm because I HHAAAATE the tane that it came with (the Atlantis). I literally cant stand it and need more control.
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  • Well if mini works the 5 ml will work they both use the same bvc coil :)
  • @ebk917
    The Aspire CF SubOhm battery is compatible with coils from 0.3ohm up to 1.0 ohm. So I don't recommend using it with a 1.8 ohm coil as this can be bad for the battery itself. I am currently running my Atlantis tanks on it with .5ohm coils and they work awesome. If you have a tank with a 510 connection and the proper resistance coils it should work fine.
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